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think different seeds

Auto Think Different achieves its goal which was to provide the yield and potency of the best photo-period strains. It was created by crossing a heavy-yielding, extremely potent AK47 hybrid called AK420 with a top quality Ruderalis. Its stated aim was to improve on the excellent Auto Mazar of 2011.

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Think different seeds

Predominantly Sativa

75 to 90 days

Fem Auto


16-18 %

Think different seeds

For outdoor growing, sunny hot/warm places (Mediterranean, California) – with enough substrate, abundant sun and good weather (strong at low temperatures), up to huge 350g plants.

Think Different produces buds not depending on the photoperiod, hybrid 70/30 sativa strain, with fast vigorous growth and slow flowering – after germination, ready crops in 80 days.

Think Different of Dutch Passion’s the example of auto flowering genetics which grows and produces like a feminized – a good Think Different plant, with nice weather and properly cared, up to over 100g of delicious buds.


The flavor and aroma of Think Different is similar to typical Skunk’s – old-school aroma to surprise the most purists.

When indoor Think Different growing, 20/4 light cycle’s ideal – very fast growth, producing very tall, gleaned strains which are perfect for SCROG/SOG grows; this is different from the rest of autos (usually, these plants aren’t a good option for this type of methods due to its reduced developing stage). Think Different, up to 500g/sq m – a few extra flowering days for totally ripe buds (approx. 11 weeks after germination).

The effect’s very balanced and powerful, and very mentally/physically relaxing.

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