Tight Spot, Top Yields – Screen Of Green – Grow Box Set Up

Tight Spot, Top Yields - Screen Of Green - Grow Box Set Up

“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural” – Bill Hicks quote on Marijuana.

Gotta love logic… Generally speaking the SCROG growing technique is a very logical system for the small space grower. Utilized to flatten the canopy, in order to form a more uniform and manageable screen of green of flowers. Thereby providing a ridged and supporting layer for your budding marijuana plants, one that can be kept a safe distance from the high-pressure sodium grow lights; without risk of burning your precious flower… or having them bolt for the lights.

When one first approaches the SCROG technique, with the ‘grow box’ environment, it is important to consider a few important factors: 1st – ventilation, 2nd – the importance of heat monitoring. 3rd -the ability to produce light for the underside of the grow canopy. Add to that list of variables, the fact that you’re in a restricted grow medium and environment…you begin to understand the different nutritional needs that this plant will require.

I have yet to run into a Grow box situation where heat has not been an issue. The honest truth is that most grow boxes produce an immense amount of heat. If one were to closely examine a large market sector of the grow box producers. The two primary concerns they seem to be pre-occupied with is, security and its discretion. More often than not, these two principal design features do not lend themselves well to a healthy growth environment; one where you can produce the highest yield, of the best flower.

Not all grow box systems are created equal. When you know what you’re looking for – it’s not unusual to note an inadequate ventilation system, that comes stock with most “out of the box grow systems.” This is an easy problem to fix with a bigger vent hole, a larger hp engine and a little ingenuity.

When cultivating marijuana with the SRCOG technique in a confined space, it is important to realize that there will be two completely different climate areas inside the grow box; the “over the screen” environment. As well as a “under the screen” grow environment. The measured temperature within these two vastly different environments will contrast greatly.

The temperature on the top side of the SCROG grow environment will be considerably higher… Which is to be expected and why proper ventilation is so important. While the temperature is expected to be hotter, the heat also needs to be removed – while being replaced – with a constant airflow from the bottom of the SRCOG grow environment. So that a complete circulation of fresh air is pulled from the bottom of the screen and through your growing environment then out the exhaust fan.

This is a truly fun way to garden in tight areas, when you have an abundance of “Banzai” type energy. While at the same time maximizing your closet crops yield.