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tips and tricks for growing weed

Tips and tricks for growing weed

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Perhaps one of the most valuable cannabis growing tips is to keep in mind that not all cannabis plants are created equal. You need to think carefully about the type of plant you want before you begin planting. For instance, some strains produce purple buds, while other strains give you bright green buds. Similarly, some plants mature quickly while others take longer.

Drought Stress Boosts Potency of your Plants

Grow with the Sun

Do you see how applying advice blindly can lead you down a dark alley? Learn to question all advice you receive, and only apply it after cross checking and confirming that it holds true in your situation.

Pick the Growing Medium that is Right for You!

*Once again starting with the proper soil, such as our Superb Soil , can reduce this risk.

Tips and tricks for growing weed

The best advice ever given to me was from Soma who taught me to pick up the pots to feel the weight of the plants before watering to avoid overwatering. As for what I discovered on my own, you must always listen to your plants. They’ll tell you when they need more food, water or air. Treat them as the living wonderful beings that they are.

Plant Lift

Depending on whether the plants are in pots or in beds, there may be a variance with this method. Even with natural preventive maintenance sprays such as Neem oil to combat predators, and with amazing permanent color markers available today, the strain names eventually fade away if one doesn’t pay close attention.

Proper Flushing

The High Times Cultivation Department reached out to some of the cannabis world’s biggest names for their expert advice on how to succeed in growing great weed. Learn weed-growing words from the wise from professional and successful cannabis farmers.

One way of doing so is by having consistent “day” and “night” times. It’s best if they have about twelve hours of darkness and twelve hours of light each day.

Growing inside gives you more control of the climate and the entire growth process. Inside is also way hygienic than outside, making it perfect for growing marijuana.

Whether it’s for a dispensary or for personal use, you should know these marijuana growing tips.

Have Strict Bedtimes

However, remember to only buy your cannabis from a reputable seller for the best seed. Some swindlers will sell you schwag seeds for the price of a high-quality strain.

All water is not the same because of the quantity and types of dissolved solids in it. These dissolved solids can adversely affect the plant, depending on what they are. Domestic water is a definite no-no because of the chlorine and fluoride used to treat the water.

Have Proper Lighting

You don’t have to be a master marijuana grower to know that your marijuana is only as good as its genetics. The first step to growing some good marijuana is finding an excellent cannabis strain, and there are plenty to choose from. So the million-dollar question is, where do I find quality marijuana strains?

Most cannabis strains have a short growing cycle of about eight weeks. As such, you need to have them reach their full potential in just two months.