Tobique First Nation To A Have Medical Marijuana Centre

Tobique First Nation To A Have Medical Marijuana Centre

Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick, Canada is considering setting up a medical marijuana centre. Talks have been going on between the Band Council and many companies who have shown an interest in setting up such as facility here. Medical marijuana is legal in Canada while its recreational use remains illegal.

Canada was one of the first nations to make the marijuana medicine legal back in 2001. This actually prompted many patients from the United States to move to Canada to get access to the marijuana drug for their treatment.

The proposed marijuana medical centre in Tobique First Nation

Tobique First Nation has a huge unemployment problem. About 80% is the unemployment figure now. Many argue that proposed marijuana medical centre will bring some much-needed jobs to the community. The medical centre will contain facilities for marijuana farming, processing, laboratories, treatment clinics, research facilities, etc. X-Change Corp has expressed their interest in setting up a marijuana medical centre in Tobique First Nation.

There is a very opinion in the Band Council about such a medical centre coming up in the community. Paul Pyres, a Tobique First Nation Band Councillor is a medical marijuana user for his treatment for stomach cancer. He has openly endorsed the proposed medical marijuana centre. Many others are hoping that the marijuana centre will boost the economy of Tobique and will bring in a lot of revenue through the distribution and sale of marijuana medicine.

However, not all are in favour of the idea. There is a significant portion of the community members, who remain sceptical about a drug centre coming up in the neighbourhood. The argument that the project will bring more jobs did not cut much ice. They argue that this is the beginning of the privatisation of the marijuana industry.

So far, only the marijuana users and the local farmers as well as the federal government have grown marijuana for meeting the demand for medical marijuana. Privatisation, they say will lead to more drugs in the market and will ultimately lead more young people getting addicted to the drug. Some even questioned the appropriateness of Band Council making such a decision. According to them, the Band Council’s job is to keep the drugs out, not to let them in to the community.

However, privatisation of the medical marijuana is inevitable. The government is in favour of putting in place a well-regulated commercial medical marijuana industry to curb the proliferation of illegal marijuana in the country.