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tools for growing weed indoors

Tools for growing weed indoors

A pH meter may be the most underrated tool that every grower absolutely must own to ensure the success of their garden. Growers often mistakenly think that a pH meter is only important for those who choose to cultivate with hydroponics. In reality, anyone who cultivates, whether by soil or hydroponics, should have at least some type of pH reader on hand.

Having the right tools for the job can improve the output of any hobby, especially growing cannabis. With the right basic equipment, any cannabis cultivator can secure a solid crop out of their growing season. However, there are a few key upgrades every home grower should have in their inventory.

Other Testers and Meters

Luckily, there are now affordable options for indoor growers with these Nectar KUSH HPS and LED sunglasses. Both pairs are sufficiently wrapped and polarized for outdoor use as well. Nectar, the company behind these glasses, also donates a portion of the proceeds from every pair sold to help restore North American honey beehives.

One of the most frustrating elements of growing cannabis on any scale is having to deal with male plants. Cannabis cultivators, especially those with plant count limits, lament over having to cull unnecessary males from their garden each time they start new non-feminized seed. Breeders must also be diligent in culling their males as early as possible to prevent cross-contamination.

Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

At the most basic level, litmus strips are available for a very low cost. For just a few dollars more, you can get yourself a digital reader at retailers like Amazon. Both options will be able to effectively test acidity levels throughout your grow. Testing pH is important for both feeding as well as gauging grow medium acidity. Knowing your pH can literally save your garden.

Tools for growing weed indoors

Finally, the Nug Shot documents all your hard work with beautiful nug shots through a 10x magnification. Because the Nug Shot works through your mobile device, you’ll find yourself with more than a few images worthy of sharing with friends and fellow growers.

Harvest time for an amateur cannabis cultivator can be a bit tricky. When harvest time approaches, how do you know when it’s time to cut and dry? Professionals rely on experience, but if this is your first or second grow, you’ll want to have a 30x/60x LED illuminated magnifier in your back pocket.

Depending on your approach to growing, you may struggle to keep your cannabis plants positioned for effective use of space within a grow tent or grow room. After all, plants tend to grow upwards and outwards, sometimes impacting the plants growing in the near vicinity.

Happy Hydro Nug Shot

Plant YoYo’s, spaced around the upper edges of your grow tent or room gently reorient the direction of growth, keeping the cannabis stalk upright and out of the weight of its neighbors. Plant YoYo’s are reusable over and over again, and a gentle way to correct direction without damage. They are a highly versatile tool for any method of cultivation you are working with.

The system connects to local wifi to send a constant stream of environmental data straight to a mobile (or desktop) control dashboard. This works to provide feedback and alarms on pre-set environmental conditions. Keep up to date on light, humidity, and temperature even when away from the garden.

LED Loupe Light

Wet or dry – this pair of scissors makes trimming feel good, even after long hours crunched over a harvest. The blades stay sharp, they are coated to avoid build-up, and the handle bounces back after each snip.

The following ideas are perfect additions for any small scale operation. The focus here isn’t on massive investments and complicated new cultivation systems.