Top 5 “To Do” List For Outdoor Marijuana Gardeners

Top 5 "To Do" List For Outdoor Marijuana Gardeners

…treated tap water is death to the microorganisms and healthy root production of your plant.

Outdoor cultivation, or Sun grown marijuana is pretty basic once you get the hang of it. Your fundamentals are generally all one truly needs to be concerned with, in the ultimate goal of reaping a healthy harvest from minimum effort.

First – Genetics Matter

Seemingly so basic it tends to blow the first time growers mind – That being said, outdoor cultivation brings an entirely different set of concerns aside from the basic growing of the plant. Regarding the actual growing of the cannabis plant, your primary goal is to try and find the balance between fighting Mother Nature, and having her work for you. The genetics that you choose will be critical in determining the flavor, size and density of the flower you harvest, so genetics are of the utmost importance.

Second – Tap Water Sucks

The use of chlorinated tap water is a common – and mammoth mistake. Please, please if you take anything from this piece, it should be that… treated tap water is death to the microorganisms and healthy root production of your plant. The average municipalities water system has been treated for human consumption with incredibly powerful biocides -for the expressed purpose of killing microorganisms and would most definitely be considered counterproductive to the organic needs of mother nature’s perfect plan.

Third – Organics Rock

While it can be time and labor intensive, creating your own compost pile is a big step in the right direction. Worm castings, bat guano, cottonseed meal, blood meal and a host of other micronutrients would all be great soil amendments for vigorous root, bomber stem strength, and massive flower production.

Fourth – Grow Bags Save Water And Nutrients

Having grown for over 30 years of my life… I’m over digging holes. I am a big fan of the new grow bags that come in multi-gallon and sizes. Every size of bag a manageable can easily be purchased online, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon on up are all available. By utilizing grows sacks you not only minimize your water waste, but you also save on nutrients as you are no longer feeding the surrounding vegetation as well.

Fifth – Stealth Is The Only Way

The primary skill set in outdoor marijuana cultivation is utilizing your ability to remain stealth while at the same time mustering superhuman strength and commando experience. Your enemies are many, utility workers spying down from a power pole across the street, your friendly neighborhood mailman noticing your dank topiary, or deer hunters, landlords, thieves, and “friends” all just looking to take advantage of your secret Garden when your back is turned.

While it may seem a little overwhelming at first your primary goal is to not become dazed and confused. It’s really pretty simple – good seeds, good organic soil, water that is been filtered via reverse osmosis and pH balanced, good direct sunlight… patience and luck and you should be home free.