Tora Bora Strain Review: Bomb Genetics!

Tora Bora Strain Review: Bomb Genetics!

The Tora Bora cannabis strain represents one of the more peaceful interactions between pure Pakistani and Afghan strains. This cross of two legendary Indica’s results in a great stash of bluish – green knockout buds for the high tolerance smoke.

The award-winning LA confidential mother strain originated from an Affie clone. She is known for being a dark, dank green plant that progresses slowly through her vegetative stage, then takes off, producing a moderate per plant yield of connoisseur quality nugs. Rich with the heavy Kush flavor, Tora Bora highlights some of the Indicia strains more famous genetic traits. The Pakistani X – 18 father is a fast and early stretching plant that slows to a more distinct Indica pattern during its flowering cycle – finishing with chunky pungent bluish-hued nuggets of doom.

Both parent plants are known for producing potent medicine, with a long history of relieving pain and helping patients deal with the agonizing frustration of insomnia. The combination of the two results and vigorous, fast finishing plant that is crystal coated, rich in the highly valued THC cannabinoid.

At full expression, the average yield from Tora Bora is restrained. Producing modest weight, yet chronic quality. This specific strain is a wonderful candidate for the Indica flavor aficionado within your smoke circle. Particularly when grown in an organic environment, nurtured by micronutrient rich teas, and foliage fed with different flavor enriching guano’s. The Tora Bora plant has the typical wide, dark foliage one might expect from Indica genetics; forming one main bud, with minimal side branching. As is generally the case with most of the shorter, stocky, more Indica specific strains, topping – pinching will generally help net an increased yield.

Famous for her ability to cope with cold water, provided there is no frost – Tora Bora’s short and stocky nature is ideal for colder grow zones. Where late starts, and even later finishes require slightly heartier genetics. At full expression, Tora Bora’s overall height will only be approximately 1 1⁄2 times taller than she was when flipped from vegetation to flower. Many breeders recommend this seed be vegetated as long as possible, in order to increase your overall flower yield.

A nutrient hungry pig… Tora Bora will gorge herself on plant food like a fat lady at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium… You name it, she’s not picky. Fortunately for the newbie grower… She’s also rather forgiving about her parts per million breakdown as well, hard to burn and anxious to eat – Tora Bora is a survivor.

The typical Indica aroma is somewhat understated as the flowers continue to develop on the branches, making it ideal for an indoor grow. Sticky, with Velcro like adhesion, the resin from these flowers have been known to superglue cultivators fingers together as they tend their crops. Perfect for the medical marijuana patient who suffers from insomnia, Tora Bora delivers a pleasing sensation of complete body relaxation… Zzzzz

Elevation type: body high

Flavor: Kushy Hash

Genetic Lineage: Pakistani X-18 x LA confidential