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Trainwreck Info

PLANT TYPE35% Indica 65% Sativa
THCUp to 21%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS18 to 25 oz per 3x3ft

Trainwreck Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Trainwreck is an old, old school cannabis strain. It’s been around forever. We’ve bred with it quite a bit at Hillbilly Dreams. We stabilized it because it wants to hermaphrodite so much. Some old school buddies of mine in [Homeboat] have been breeding with it for a long time. We stabilized it and bred it back to an indica to get it back to eight weeks and put it out as Trainwreck at Hillbilly Dreams. That’s probably what 70% of the people who are smoking have seen it as.

The other one out of [Arcade] is clone only because of its instability and it can’t be bred with because it always breeds hermaphrodites. Trainwreck’s clone only version, the yield is like quarter ounce to two ounces per plant. The one off our seed version, I’ve seen it yield eight ounces per plant.

Trainwreck is usually good for growing indoor only, and it has to be trellised like a grape vine for that. It’s a pro only, difficult to grow strain. It’s not a great big yielder.

Trainwreck can be anywhere from 75 to 90 days. It depends on how much light you give it and how much you pruned it back and how much you know how to grow.

Trainwreck pro, to me, the only one is to have somebody in your family who has asthma or something like that because that’s what it’s bred for. The cons are too long to list.

Trainwreck is one of the most difficult pro only plants that there is. I can’t think of any other like Neville’s Haze or things like that that would be more difficult. It’s definitely not recommended for people that’s not grown for ten cycles. It takes very special food, very special care, very special watering, and you have to know how to identify hermaphrodite because about 80% of the plants are going to hermie.

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  1. Very first clone from Arcata, USA. 100% feminized and reversed. Such as the name suggests, a true blast. It hits quickly, plus it hits hard. Stoney on your body, trippy and confusing to the brain. A genuinely powerful smoke. Ready indoor within 2 months, expect heaps of resin and tower-like calyx formation deforming the buds during the final stages of ripening. Production as much as 500 grams per square meter. Outdoor Ready starting October, with flexible branches and extended shaped colas. Production as much as 700 grams per plant.

  2. The Train Wreck is a hybrid between Mexican, Afghani and Thai genetics. This sweet tasting strain descends from Humboldt county USA where it had become a famous “clone-only” strain that’s available today through Homegrown Fantaseeds. A Sativa dominating strain with Indica growth patterns merit to her Afghani heritage and will yield semi-dense buds with an extremely robust fruity smell and durable sweet taste.

  3. Emerging from California in the late 90’s this is one of the staples of any medical marijuana grower being an extremely strong pain relieving plant. A very pungent smell is emitted from Trainwreck a lemony/diesel smell that once smelled will always be remembered. We have been working with this genetic since 1998 and it has never let us down. This strain has many tales about where it originally came from, from Mexico or Humboldt? The genetics we have came from Northern California in the late 90’s.

  4. Royal Dutch Genetics Trainwreck originates from Oregon, USA, and hails itself as a Sativa/ Indica hybrid. The Trainwreck feminized Seeds descends from key strains like Columbian, Afghan and Mexican aka a tripod of explosive genetics encapsulated in feminized marijuana seed form. RDG have outdone themselves once again, so we are proud in presenting you with Trainwreck.

  5. Cheese Seeds crossed with TrainWreck. The Champion “Cheese” and the terrific “Train Wreck” have been fused to form one the most fantastic hybrids of the 21st century and a must for botanical specimen collectors everywhere.

  6. The origins of Nirvana Haze lie within the foothills of the Bay Area, California, in the 1970s. A steady, magical marijuana mix of Mexican, Columbian, Thai and Jamaican cannabis, Haze gets fluffy buds and an incredibly extensive flowering period. It provides an extraordinary scrambling high. Haze has a complicated aroma which essentially makes it stink like it is actually not marijuana. This cannabis stress is exceptionally ideal for therapeutic petitions.

  7. Blazing Pistileros is a breeder collective that only produce Regular Cannabis Seeds and they are proud of this aspect of their cannabis seed breeding. This emphasis on producing regular cannabis seeds is especially nice to see in a cannabis seed market where regular options appear to be dwindling every day. Blazing Pistileros only produce cannabis seeds that are 12/12 photoperiod and so this means that you won’t find any feminised or autoflowering strains in their range of cannabis seeds. We mostly hang at canna forums (the canna cabana, the creative garden, Canna Collective, the room of green, Mediseedcollective).

  8. This Ministry of Cannabis Carnival strain is made to bring the carnival inside your seed collection. The complete procedure for selection and crossing has been created in Spain. Carnival is a blend of a Haze mother along with a specific individual primarily sativa as father.

  9. Seeds of Life Big Low Autoflowering are 100% Feminized. Obtained selecting and crossbreeding the best genetics for 3 generations, testing the Epigenetic Theory, they appear at last Giants Auto-Flowering, those in the right conditions are a little bit as good as normal strains. The Big Low is stable, exceptionally vigorous, always aromatic, very strong, and some of the most fruitful. The cannabis seeds are healthy, nicely pot-bellied, mature, very dark, mostly big/meddle-sized. They appear in 2 phenotypes, one with a more sativa appearance that grows over 1m in height, the other, more indica, goes up to 75cm in Hydro and indoors @ 18/20h on 24. In standard conditions auto-flower in 21days and they are all set in 65. In outdoors they become a little bit lower and need some more day due the smaller time of the light exposition. They’re well branched and always full of resin on all the apical leaves. They surprise for the citrus and fruity fragrances. The Big Low has been valued during the Barcelona Spannabis ’09

  10. BC Bud Depot is another great strain from Burmese. Burmese is a groundbreaking strain that is generally considered as Sativa dominant even though it incorporates some Indica characteristics. These Seeds from BC Bud Depot will undoubtedly become successful in the ever seeds collectors marketplace.

  11. This is a potent charas strain from the mountains of Western Nepal. Cultivated at altitudes between about 1000m-3000m, there are two main phenotypes to be found in this strain and that are worth preserving.

  12. Raspberry Mandarin never been done prior to this! A raspberry fragrance and flavored fruit along with a bite of mandarin in the aftermath. Producing maybe the most sweet and flavoursome buds worldwide. Generates a light, uplifting, cerebral high similar to most of the Cropi-Canna range and again similar to most in this range not very heavy either. It’s not gonna get you trapped within your armchair debating inside your mind’s eye concerning the mystery of one’s existence but instead provides you clarity of focus and sight as though to free your intellect to follow anything you desire to pursue, or maybe more importantly, anything you intend to pursue. A completely regal and diplomatic strain. Fresh, tasty, fruit flavoured buds of very moreish delight and pleasure! Bred as being a large producer additionally to a hefty weight -dances similar to a butterfly but minus the sting from the bee. Pungent, sweet, productive and pukka!