Traveler Tips: Five CBD Strains That Calm Anxiety

Traveler Tips: Five CBD Strains That Calm Anxiety

How many anxious pot smokers have dreamt of traveling to that distant surf break, or visiting a long-lost relative only to have their plans changed at the last minute by an unrelenting anxiety over their fear of traveling? These deep-rooted anxieties can easily manifest themselves as a fear of flying; a subconscious angst over encountering the unknown. The anxious mind spins out of control, running plane crash scenarios witnessed on the News, keeping the would-be traveler in a tight grip of fear – they envision being captured in a “worst-case scenario.”

While viewing our sometimes overwhelming world through the lens of fear, is no doubt easy to do … particularly in a world dominated by the 24 hour news cycle – and these may be extreme examples of “hurdles” an anxious traveler might face – with the right strain of medical marijuana these anxieties can easily be brought under control.

Marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid, also known as cannabidiol has been shown to help alleviate the anxious symptoms of nervousness while traveling. These symptoms may include a sudden, overwhelming fear, sweating, heart palpitations, trembling, chest pain and numbness – occasionally accompanied by shortness of breath and nausea.

While there have been several studies demonstrating the medicinal properties of the CBD cannabinoid, one published study by the National Institute of Health noted that the CBD cannabinoid significantly reduces anxiety for those suffering from social anxiety and acute panic disorder – at an astoundingly fast rate. In the study, the scientists concluded that the CBD cannabinoid is a viable treatment for those people looking to overcome their debilitating anxiety.

While there are many strains of marijuana out there with varying levels of THC to CBD percentage ratios, these five strains have enough CBD cannabinoid to keep even the most anxious traveler calm and collected.

1.Green Queen: her Royal highness tips the scales with an elevated 2% for CBD cannabinoid.

2.Jack Herer: the strain named after the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” comes in it a respectable 1.5% CBD cannabinoid.

3.LSD: while the name might be a bit intimidating, LSD maintains a friendly 1.2% CBD ratio – guaranteed to calm the trippy mind.

4.Jack Frost: no longer bummed out by the passing of winter, Jack Frost offers an anxiety crushing 3.4% CBD ratio.

5.Blueberry Kush: flavorful and medicinal, Blueberry Kush enjoys a 3% CBD cannabinoid percentage.

With summer just around the corner, travel for the anxious globetrotter has never been easier thanks today’s amazing strains of cannabis, and their magical compounds known as cannabinoids.