Two Chronic New School Cannabis Strains: Dead Head OG and Qrazy Train

Two Chronic New School Cannabis Strains: Dead Head OG and Qrazy Train

Dead Head OG:

Chronic Kush strains with fluctuating degrees of genetic pedigree are filling the shelves of local dispensaries these days. Yet, more often than not, we find that only a few of today’s sweet nugs have the balls to the wall’ punch, reminiscent of the old school OG. There is however one kick ass Bean that has grown to be recognized as an industry leader, standing calyx and branches above the genetically diluted masses… Dead Head OG.

A proud genetic creation from one of the mad breeders in the Cali Connection crew; Swerve scattered his male San Fernando Valley OG Kush pollen, onto a female Chem Dawg 91 – crop-dusting her cuttings pistils, to produce sweet seeds of the highest caliber.

Slice open a resin encrusted nugget of Dead Head OG, and enjoy an intense hit of lemon rich terpenes, as the aroma permeates the room. Fire one of these bad little nugs up and enjoy the ride. Lost in time and space your elevated sense of mood and the accompanying euphoria will be most noticeable in the head and body. Lasting for several hours – the elevated state of mind is one that’s both contemplative and silly. With a relatively short flowering period, Dead Head OG delivers a healthy yield.

Genetic Heritage: Chem Dawg 91 (alias – the skunk VA cut) x SFV OGK F4

Budding Time: 60 Days

Qrazy Train:

Subcools genetic take on the well-known Purple Trainwreck is nuts, some might even say “Qrazy.” The flower at full expression drips with THC rich resins. A fast flowering plant with a outstanding calyx to sun leaf ratio, the Qrazy train rush is a dream come true for cultivators and connoisseurs alike. The fragrant bouquet of her sticky buds, allows her presence to be known with a massive hit of lavender aroma, followed by a slight sent of melon and champagne. The powerful, cannabinoid laden smoke performs miracles for marijuana patients searching for peace of mind – looking to relax their tired bodies and relieve their aching muscles.

Subcool has time and again, suggested to any cultivators who might listen – topping these plants early and often will help “in forming multi budded branches, creating one massive Bush.” Fortunately for those cultivators new to the whole growing process, maintaining these plants with an occasional trim is much easier than with some strains. Should you be of the old school persuasion – and see no point in removing the plants nutrient processing solar panels (i.e. the sun leaf), many will yellow and simply drop off prior to harvest.

The observant eye will notice two dominant phenotypes within the Qrazy train family: one phenotype allows the plant to have elongated branches, creating a taller profile. The other, more Urkel oriented, produces a shorter, stouter set of characteristics.

Genetic Heritage: Blood Wreck (Trainwreck x Trinity)

Budding Time: 60 days