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type of light bulbs for growing weed

Grow lights allow you to control exactly how much light your plants receive, ensuring they get the same amount of light day after day, without the grower having to solve problems with bad weather or cloudy days that happen in an outdoor environment.

How much does a grow light cost?

Here are a few different HID grow lights at different price points.

HPS (High-pressure sodium)

Here are a few different CFL grow lights at different price points.

Type of light bulbs for growing weed

In addition, these lamps are inexpensive and easy to install. The main drawback is that they emit a lot of heat and need to be accompanied by a good ventilation system that extracts the heat they generate. Another drawback is that they need to be replaced periodically as their power decreases. Finally, it should be noted that for its correct operation we will need a ballast.

When we talk about HID lights, we must break down the two main types: metal halide (MH) and sodium equipment (HPS). These two types of bulbs differ in that MHs provide a “cold” bluish light, while HPS bulbs have a “warmer” reddish spectrum. Therefore, MHs are recommended for the vegetative phase and SPHs are recommended for the flowering phase. In case you can only use one type of light, it is advisable to use the HPS light. This type of light bulbs can be used for both growth and flowering and because of its consumption in relation to the light it produces, the most recommended is 600W.


Types of Bulbs: That the marijuana needs light for its correct development is something basic that every grower or fan of cannabis has clear. However, it is not known to all growers that the light should be of adequate intensity, as well as the optimum spectrum. Each color of the spectrum sends a separate signal to the plant, and each color stimulates a type of growth. In fact, plants use only certain parts of the light spectrum, namely those in the blue to red stripes.

First, we will describe and analyze the main features of HID culture lights, also known as high-intensity discharge lights. This type of light bulbs are the most commonly used for growing marijuana. In fact, HIDs are the light bulbs that have performed best throughout history.


The intention of the following article is to offer a summary that provides the reader with all the necessary knowledge about the different types of light bulbs, as well as their benefits and disadvantages.