UK’s Daily Mail Pimps Out Jamaica As “Illegal Pothead Paradise”

UK’s Daily Mail Pimps Out Jamaica As “Illegal Pothead Paradise”

While the idea of flying to the sweaty little tropical trash heap of corruption for a “cannabis tour” sounds like a horrible joke to me, someone at the UK’s Daily Mail thought this would make the perfect headline to drum up a little business for Jamaica’s most famous crop, weed;

“Jamaican farmers offer illegal “pothead Paradise” Canada’s tours to tourists: farmers in Jamaica are offering visitors illegal tours that reveal how to buy and smoke cannabis. Pot tourists can sample “Purple Kush” and “Pineapple skunk” on the tours that pass through places such as Nine Mile, the former hometown of reggae star Bob Marley, and the Western resort town of Negrill.”

Further explaining “the plant – which is known locally as “ganja” – has been illegally on the island since 1913 but is widely grown in the country, and is believed to be the tiny island nation’s largest export to the US.”

For those that haven’t been following the marijuana culture for the last 30 years, Jamaica is a great place to go vacation and buy weed… if you don’t mind getting ripped off. Or, if you happen to enjoy the refreshing view of trash flowing into the streets… ”like” the irony of the low IQ’d thuggery carried out by local police. Who’d rather intimidate and steal from the locals and tourists alike, rather than uphold law. And last, but certainly not least – the corrupt politicians taught to manipulate for self-gain, while their electorate suffers.

For me… being a California resident – I’ll choose Washington state or Colorado the next time I feel a need for an Amsterdam’s style getaway. A state where police will look the other way when they see you with legal weed… provided you’re not smoking in public. Where your dealer is a state sanctioned brick and mortar pot shop, rather than a gun toting bumba clot looking to profit from the ignorant.

Call me tedious, unexciting and mind numbingly boring – but the idea of taking a 10 hour trip across the country, to sojourn to Nine Mile’s famous pot, at $50 a head, sounds like utter insanity to me. I don’t need to learn “how to buy and smoke weed with the coolest people in Jamaica!” We have the ‘mile high’ state of Colorado…and the ‘Evergreen’ state of Washington. Both recreational marijuana states. Where your pot tourist dollars are welcome, the ladies in your 420 Smoke Cir. will be safe and respected, and getting home doesn’t mean a trip through customs.