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Large commercial cannabis growing operations need space. Modern state-of-the-art pot grows typically take place in large greenhouses. The different types you’ll encounter are Venlo, Curved Glass, High Tunnel, Coldframe, Poly Covered, and Freestanding structures. The largest grows take place in warehouses that accommodate thousands of plants growing continuously throughout the year.

High Times reports that nutrients are the most expensive consideration of a professional growing operation. Commercially growing marijuana greatly reduces the time the plants require to reach harvestable maturation. The “nutes” are expensive and needed in bulk quantities, repetitively, as long as you intend to keep growing those AAA-class buds.

Growing cannabis plants indoors has other advantages too, like protection from insects, rabbits, deer, and humans who will steal them. If you are considering what it takes to launch a commercial marijuana growing business, then you’re going to have to become familiar with your state’s requirements for licensure to keep you legal. You’re also going to have to dive in and get to know what equipment is best for your unique budget, setting, and situation.

Rolling benches, grow tables, and grow tents are needed. Depending on the size of your operation, you will need multiple tables, each with a specialized system for delivering water and nutrients. Tents are commonly used to house mother plants that clones are cut from.

Equipment Needed to Grow Marijuana

Growing medical marijuana in a commercial growing operation is more complex than growing a few pot plants in your closet. However, the basics are still the same. Growing cannabis indoors is based on providing an optimal environment for the plants to thrive in. Professional growing equipment provides the plants with what nature does (light, water, nutrients), only in a controlled environment that allows the grower to minimize the time it takes to bring them to harvest.

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A tent’s dimensions are largely dictated by a grower’s choice in lighting. HID lights run hot and need to be hung high above plants, necessitating taller tents. Conversely, LEDs run cool, hang low, and play well in a short tent.

To figure out how a tent sits in a room, pick a potential location and make a tape outline of the tent’s dimensions on the floor. Can people still move around in the room? Will the tent block any doors, windows, vents, light switches, or electrical outlets? If a tent needs to exhaust into the outdoors to ameliorate aroma or temp buildups, are windows or ducts available? Can plants be accessed from all necessary angles?


Other options include:

What to look for in a grow tent

With a perpetual harvest, you can grow seedlings/clones, vegetative, and flowering plants all at the same time in different chambers, so that when you harvest the flowering plants, the veg plants will be ready to move into flower, and the seedlings/clones into veg, immediately.