Victory Seeds Review

Victory Seeds Review

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At Victory Seeds we have the most reliable, potent and successful strains. All of our seeds are bred from the highest-quality plants for optimum potency and aroma. We expertly select plants that are highly suited for medicinal use and we strive for customer satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Victory Seeds Review”

  1. The Citrus strains are always popular due to their fruity conertations. Willy Jack Seeds were hardly going to let you miss out on that pleasure.

  2. Our stellar Cindy girl had a fantasy date with Pepe, the resident Casanova from Gage Green Gardens. The outcome is a potent fast decent yielding plant with firm sugar buds for patients needing high caliber meds. Cindy LP is perfect for creative situations and depression along with pain and lack of appetite.

  3. G13 is a legendary strain subject to much rumor and speculation. It has been proclaimed as the strongest strain ever created and some say it was genetically engineered by the US government in a secret CIA lab. Whether or not these rumors are true there is no doubt that this is one of the strongest strains available today with very high levels of THC and buds glistening with resin. This hybrid of G13 has been crossed with an Original Haze to give it a more uplifting high while still retaining the heavy hitting Indica undertones. Not for the faint hearted.