VIP Seeds Review

VIP Seeds Review

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VIP SEEDS was created by the best genetics: Russian, Spanish, American, Dutch and Canadian. Our seed bank consists of exclusive varieties of cannabis with the highest quality, cultivated with care, dedication and tested by our breeders around the world.

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  1. This crossing is emphasized for the similarity with the AK-47 (that it has between his parents). From the beginning of the growth it shows the strength of this plant and with a few sheets finished in sharp top, as a dirk with saw. A very nice automatic strain from the first days of growth, with a structure in form in the shape of “fir” with a good central bud. To the piquant flavor typical of Smile it adds a fermented strawberry taste, giving it a tone “of humid soil with the flavour to strawberry”, the flavour fills the palate and you can almost chew it. It adapts to extreme climates, is recommended for outdoor use, and is ideally farmed from May (in the driest zones of the continent) to September (watching the first rains of the ends of this month). You should try to give to the autoflowering varieties all the facility of fertilization and hours of light during his growth and flowering.

  2. Crazy X Seeds presents Malonica. It is classified as a sativa F1 strain.

  3. Much controversy surrounds the actual genetics of LA confidential, but nevertheless it’s a winner. Crossed with an All Star Genetics male, the Westside is an Indica dominant cross that will treat you with some hard Indica buds. Westside is suitable for a variety of growing methods. This Indica can help with insomnia and gives a strong buzz.