Vision Seeds Review

Vision Seeds Review

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Vision Seeds are high quality feminized cannabis seeds that are specially cultivated to asure that every cannabis plant sprouting from one of our feminized seeds will flower as a female allowing for well developed resinous buds and optimal yields.

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  1. Matanuska Tundra has been proven as a great stable breed for crossing and has been widely used in Sagarmatha’s breeding programs. She has a chocolate flavour and a slow rising lethargic stone ideal for medical users. The plant stays short but grows very thick and has fat colas coated in THC crystals.

  2. Nebula means “starcloud.” Reproduced by Paradise Seeds during 1996, this variety got the name for its stellar attributes. Nebula has an open framework which is actually fantastic for indoor growing where the plants execute with optimal results in a sea of green set-up. Using 20 plants per square meter within this system, yields are as high as a half-kilo. Not necessarily too finicky, Nebula will do well in hydro, coco or soil indoors. This variety has been really successfully grown outdoors in Holland and might be a proper alternative for outdoor gardens in temperate regions that provide a 9 week minimum flowering time before the first frost. Nebula stretches slightly, but makes heavy buds when placed underneath lots of light. Like the name advises, Nebula twinkles with the coating of THC glands, which are bound to take you into the scopes of space or potentially just make you spacey. The buzz is cerebral and transcendental, sometimes bordering on the psychedelic. Nebula might make the nickname “honey pot” for its sweet aroma and distinctively honeyed fruit essence. This number is an enjoyable scrumptious smoke, even in regards to the veteran stoner.