Voting Results In LA Point To A Bleak Future For Medical Pot Shops

Voting Results In LA Point To A Bleak Future For Medical Pot Shops

For weeks, this poll had been a matter of great importance in LA. We are talking about the poll in LA, which was conducted to determine whether the number of medical marijuana dispensaries should be restricted, or not. Call it unfortunate for dispensary owners and prospective dispensary aspirants, the voting that took place last week dealt with a big blow to them. The city of LA which has more number of marijuana shops or more specifically medical dispensaries selling marijuana will soon be witnessing the closure of nearly hundreds of such clinics. Even for those who have been allowed to operate dispensaries, heavy taxes have been imposed.

This decision has been taken by legislators after the poll that took place last week. When the results were announced, nearly 63 per cent of the poll participants were in support of the restriction drive, they voted for the bill to be passed, and hence the number of pot dispensaries in LA will be reduced drastically. Only a meager 37 percent of the voters were against the bill and hence the fate of several hundred medical dispensaries selling marijuana seems to have been decided already. We can perhaps call their fates sealed.

This bill is surely going to make ripples elsewhere in the US as well because activists and several legal practitioners who opposed legalization of marijuana will now hold up this voting result as a weapon against those who are in favor of the legalization. Just when we thought that people are starting to realize the need for legalization of marijuana, such results are proving to be a big menace. It has been widely acknowledged that the sentiments of people have been changing with respect to the status of legalization of marijuana.

The recent research report by Pew Research group, which stated that nearly 52 per cent of American citizens were in favor of marijuana legalization, could completely lose their credibility thanks to this poll. Talking about the impact of the measure, which should be in place in about 30 days, medical pot shops would be forced to pay heavier taxes. Preliminary estimates suggest that the current tax of $50 per $1000 of gross sales will be increased to $60 per $1000 in gross sales.

It is guaranteed that this measure is sure to cause an outcry from the side of medical marijuana dispensary owners as they are the ones who will be affected the most. Only time will tell what will be the outcome.