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wagyu seeds

Wagyu seeds

Jerry Reeves of Bar R Cattle Company is one of a relatively small number of prominent Wagyu breeders that uses testing of progeny to find second-generation and even third-generation bulls that are better than their foundation bull sires. Jerry has stated for several years now that Shigeshigetani 30T (FB8177) is the best overall “balanced” bull he has ever produced.

It is popular with many Wagyu “seed stock” producers to breed their top female animals to the well-known “foundation sires” to produce offspring that are hoped to be desirable for sale to others as breeding stock. While this is an effective approach for producing animals that other Wagyu breeders desire to buy, it will not lead to improvement of the breed and to the development of animals that are superior to the original foundation animals because such does not constitute “selective breeding” required to select for improved attributes.

Many Wagyu breeders refrain from breeding Red Wagyu/Akaushi to Black Wagyu. While we concur that there is little to be gained from introducing Red Wagyu/Akaushi…

How We Used The “TWA Elite Wagyu Performance Test” To Confirm That “Shigeshigetani 30T” Is In Fact An Outstanding Sire While Also Identifying 3 Promising New Young Bulls

The scientific study report “Meat Produced By Japanese Black And Wagyu Cattle”, published in the October 2014 issue of Animal Frontiers, contains great information about…

It is well known among experienced Wagyu breeders that Wagyu bulls have some of the best libido and semen quality of any cattle breed. However,…

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The Fullblood Red/Black Wagyu (“FBX”) Animal

About Feed & Seed: Feed & Seed is a non-profit organization located in Greenville, SC that is creating a wholesale environment for regional farmers to connect directly to consumers. Feed & Seed will purchase from the farmers and then distribute to local purveyors – to include local schools and restaurants. Feed & Seed’s mission is to secure food security for all South Carolinians, and has become an extraordinary example of how local food systems, agricultural entrepreneurism, and thoughtful community based development can drive economic progress. Visit their website to learn more about their mission here or read online articles.

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