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waist deep seeds

Auto Waist Deep is a 50/50 indica/sativa auto-flowering marijuana strain that was created by crossing a Chronic Auto with a Turbo Bud Auto plant. It is a very fast-growing strain that develops a massive central cola surrounded by side-branches that sport smaller, yet equally potent, buds.

As with most autos this is very simple to grow for begginers while also offering a high-quality weed for the more experienced connoisseur. Indoor growers are advised to choose an 18 – 20 hour light cycle in order to gain the maximum from the harvest. No special nutrient/feeding regimes are required and in just 8 weeks from germination growers should be rewarded with yields of between 400 – 500 gr/m 2 indoors or as much as 150 gr/plant outdoors from plants that will grow to 80 – 100 cm. in height. Its short life cycle means that at least two, and in some areas three, crops per year can be grown outdoors in the sun, especially if the next crop is started a short while before the first is gathered in safely.

The aroma is subtle but somewhat spicy and is less penetrating than many other strains making it ideal for indoor growers who don’t want the whole world to know about their clandestine activities. THC production is high at 19% with low CBD of 0.5%. One thing’s for sure, Auto Waist Deep with get you automatically deeply wasted!

Waist deep seeds

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Waist Deep Auto by Heavyweight Seeds is an autoflowering hybrid that can be grown pretty much anywhere, even on small balconies. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced growers, both inside and out.

Waist Deep Auto Origin and Properties

It’s pretty easy to grow indoors, and it doesn’t need much care to produce front-page worthy buds. With just 10 plants per square meter you’ll be able to make the most out of your available space. You can set this plant to a20/4h light schedule to maximize yield and size – autoflowering plants don’t need a specific light cycle to flower. 60 days after germination, they’ll be ready to harvest, producing up to 450g per square meter.

How to Grow Waist Deep Auto Indoors

When planted outdoors it’ll need to be in the sunniest spot possible in order to get maximum yield. This strain does best in hotter climates, although it can be grown in milder ones; just make sure it’s not too cold. It grows quite short, making it perfect if you’re looking to grow discreetly or set up a guerrilla op. Two months after germinating, your plants should be ready to harvest, producing up to 130g each when grown under perfect conditions.

A perfectly balanced hybrid, Waist Deep produces consistently big yields without any loss of quality. One mighty central cola is the pride and joy of this powerful plant and side branches quickly develop clusters of smaller but no less potent buds. As with all Heavyweight autos, we’ve strived to produce a plant that’s perfect for both the amateur gardener and the more experienced cultivator.

No fussing with changes to light cycles or complex nutrient requirements, simply transfer the seedlings into your chosen medium and you can practically watch them grow before your very eyes! The aroma is akin to subtle spices; it won’t overwhelm the grow area and is therefore a great choice for gardeners who require discretion and don’t want to alert the neighbourhood to their horticultural pursuits. Before you know it, you’ll be Waist Deep in top quality buds which will render you deeply wasted!