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wally og seeds

Wally og seeds

THC levels are normally higher than average, ranging around 25%. Wally OG’s high warms the body and causes pains and aches to numb. While it can increase creativity, it will simultaneously create sleepiness, so don’t plan on doing any big projects unless they require little physical effort. The mind can become fuzzy; spacey, so concentration might waver. Wally OG is best consumed at night or in the evenings because of these effects, and for some may help with insomnia.

Wally OG is a cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant, emitting an aroma that’s both spicy and fruity. Its taste has hints of creamy butter with floral undertones. When harvest-ready, its buds are a vivid neon green and shaped like spades.

Lab Data

While not many ill side-effects are reported after consuming Wally OG, note that many strains may cause paranoia, anxiety, or dizziness when higher doses than one’s tolerance are consumed. Dry mouth and eyes are normal.

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Genetic Lineage

Wally og seeds

As already stated, at first glance it may not look like a marijuana plant, resembling a hairy bush or some type of stringy vine rather than the usual plants found in our gardens.

Dr. Grinspoon, stringy and slender

Frisian Duck, a Frisian Dew (Super Skunk x Purple Star) x Ducksfoot hybrid, was created so people could enjoy the legendary Ducksfoot. Frisian Dew is a hybrid especially created for outdoor growers with high resistance to cold and pests, inherited from the Ducksfoot parent. As you can see in the picture, it also develops beautiful purple buds with awesome scent.

Frisian Duck, a hybrid of Ducksfoot

Botanical inquisitiveness has led some breeders who have encountered these “mutant strains” to investigate whether they possess interesting features that could be used in cannabis breeding, thus popularizing these hybrids’ peculiarities, pros, and cons.

Wally og seeds

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