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warlock seeds

Potent in every sense of the word, Warlock marijuana doesn’t have the most desirable aroma, it’s quite pungent with hints of sour cheese. You’ll get over that as soon as the smoke passes your lips though, this strain tastes of sweet fruit, with hints of wood that make it easier to stomach.

Your mind may conjure up an image of faded robes and a long white beard, or even Benedict Cumberbatch in his now iconic red cape, when you think of this name but what Warlock marijuana lacks in impressive showmanship (the plant may be statuesque but its overall appearance leaves something to be desired) it makes up for in being one bad-ass strain that will zap away stress and tension like magic.

Warlock marijuana is an indica-dominant strain, and the effects heavily support this, only sampling from its sativa heritage for mental clarity and focus that keeps Warlock from laying you out cold. Despite being quite low in CBD and high in THC (our strain can have up to 20%), Warlock has a lot of potential for patients trying to treat headaches, stress, or pain-relief.

Make some magic with Warlock marijuana seeds, a potent, indica-dominant hybrid that will magically release you from pain and stress. Better for intermediate level growers, Warlock marijuana seeds flower after 55-65 days with hairy buds containing up to 20% THC.


To get the most out of your Warlock feminized marijuana seeds, you’re going to want to have a little experience under your belt. Warlock plants can be quite tall, so you’ll want to be sure your pruning techniques are up to par, and the strength of the aroma necessitates an outdoor garden well away from neighbors or a good quality exhaust system to keep your house from reeking of reefer. After between 55- and 65-days flowering, you’ll be rewarded with a moderate yield

Warlock seeds

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