Was It The Hydroponic Cultivation Operation Or Perhaps Something Else?

Was It The Hydroponic Cultivation Operation Or Perhaps Something Else?

Well today’s D-Day, at least for this hydroponic cultivation grow house in southwestern Miami-Dade County. This upscale grow site had all the comforts of home… at least until it blew up over the weekend. Today this one time thriving clandestine grow op, will be flattened to the ground, as a means of cleaning up the less than livable investment property.

Neighbors in this normally quiet neighborhood said that they were awoken on Saturday when a massive explosion ripped through their neighbor’s house, and sent debris flying throughout the neighborhood. Scattering people, sending them running from their nearby homes. Unsure of what it just happened, whether an airplane had fallen from the sky or car had run in to a power line, people were freaked.

Well – after a little investigation Miami Dade County sheriffs stated that they had found a hydroponic grow operation. Of course, not at all surprising – the occupants of the home were tenants, rather than the properties owners (not that that matters). After the fire was put out, and the damage assessed, investigators deemed the structure ‘uninhabitable’ and determined that it must be demolished.

The blasts in this ordinarily quiet neighborhood not only rattled a few nerves; it also caused more than its fair share of inconvenience. From the blocked streets, by the local fire department and investigative units, to the destroyed landscape, in the surrounding neighbor’s yards…this event capped off what was a stinky couple of days according to one neighbor.

One neighbor, Orlando Martinez was noted in an interview, giving what I think might be some critical information. Mr. Martinez goes on to state that ‘early the morning before the explosion; he had noticed a very strong chemical smell’ coming from the house. The neighbor then goes on to state that he could smell the chemicals… then later, a different smell, more like skunks. And we all know the good weed smells like a strong skunk.

As a general rule of thumb…hydroponic grow operations don’t blow up, they might flood, but they don’t explode. If you watch this video, you’ll see an interview with one of the neighbors. Who states that the morning before the house blew up, “it smelled like chemicals.” He then goes on to note, that it later had ‘a strong odder of marijuana.’ I’m not saying it couldn’t have been something elset…but home made BHO goes pop sometimes.