Washington and Colorado Cannabis Initiatives: What’s The Difference?

Washington and Colorado Cannabis Initiatives: What's The Difference?

Everyone knows that last November was a ‘high water mark’ moment for the marijuana legalization movement, as Washington and Colorado’s voters stood up and said “Hell Yes,” to marijuana legalization. Voting to regulate and tax weed like alcohol.

As most understand, this choice put them in direct conflict with the federal government’s prohibition on cannabis. Regardless of the DOJ and US Atty Gen. Eric Holder’s threats to enforce federal law, these two states have decided to move forward, cultivating unparalleled cannabis laws in the face of mounting federal ambiguity.

With the 2012 election enshrined in the memory of every cannabis aficionados memory, most residents of Colorado and Washington still find themselves searching for specifics on their states marijuana laws. Questions like: Can they grow pot for recreational use? If so, how much? Are seedlings the same as clones, in the overall plant count? Nagging little questions, for which knowing the answers may keep you out of jail.

And now, with the Department of Justice and Eric Holder under increasing scrutiny, thanks to mounting scandals involving governmental overreach, many are curious how Holder’s DOJ might react?