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watermelon ice seeds

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Seedless Type

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Note: Watermelon Release Form must be completed and returned to neseed before watermelon seed orders can be shipped. This release must be received within 14 days or your watermelon order will be canceled.


Seedless varieties are triploid. They should be started in the greenhouse and transplanted when soil temperature in the field are 65°F. Seedless watermelons need a pollinator variety planted with them.

Seedless Type

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This small, 9-10″ globe-shaped, “Ice Box” watermelon has an amazing 12% sugar content and is small enough to easily fit in your refrigerator. Grow these petite watermelons to have the wonderful, sweet flavor of summer bundled in small, convenient 8-10 pound globes. The very productive vines produce lots of 7-10 pound fruits. But, like larger watermelons, they do need room to grow – vines spread 6′-10′ long. With an 80-day crop time, this variety is an excellent choice for Northern gardeners. This packet plants: One 10-foot row (after thinning, 7 vining plants).

Special Germination Instructions: Watermelon seedlings don’t transplant well. When starting indoors, use individual pots such as peat or pulp pots that can be planted directly into the ground. Cover soil with black plastic before seeding outside and seed into a cross cut in the plastic.

Botanical Interests “Ice Box Mickylee” Watermelon Seeds