Wedding Cake Seeds

Wedding Cake Seeds
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Wedding Cake Info

PLANT TYPE70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THCUp to 17%
DIFFICULTYEasy to grow
CLIMATEDoes well indoors and outdoors
FLOWERS9 to 10 weeks

Wedding Cake Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Wedding Cake is known for its sweet taste and the harmony between the indica and sativa traits. If you want to chill but still remain sharp, Wedding Cake is a great choice.

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  1. This addition to your garden offers such a delight to the senses while growing that visiting her will be one of your favorite chores. Her fantastic aroma leads one to desire, both her flavour and her stone. This is a plant to enjoy. With a flowering time of 7-8 weeks when grown in a two gallon pot Sin yields 70-100 grams / 2.5-3.5 ounces.

  2. Dutch Passion’s Holland’s Hope Feminized Seeds are among the first Dutch Outdoor strains, and have also been cultivated in Holland ever since the early eighties. This strain is acknowledged for being quite simple to cultivate. Being an indica/sativa combination, Dutch Passion could combine the ideal qualities of each strain. Being primarily indica, this strain is amazingly pest and mold resistant and should deliver excellent outcomes in virtually any growing setup. Holland’s Hope plants produce big buds which can be really dense, along with the calyxes pushed together and thus produce brilliant yields. These Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds help provide a stoned effect, with a powerful mind and body relaxation.

  3. Chrystal is the White Widow re-back-crossed together with Northern Lights. Chrystal’s buds are sticky and large having an almost kerosene like fragrance plus a quick hitting high. A F1 hybrid, Chrystal generates outstanding yields of high quality (and priced) bud. Much simpler to manicure when compared with White Widow. Chrystal is a first prize winner from the Dutch Highlife Cup, 02′.

  4. Lennon by Pyramid Feminized Seeds. This is Pyramid Seeds’ oldest variety plus they could be satisfied with having among the most desired Jack Herers for the strain lovers. Pyramid Seeds have feminized this variety supplying you with something tough to find nowadays.

  5. Manadala Seeds presents 8 Miles High. It is a aromatic, uplifting sativa which provides quality harvests outdoor and indoor. Special attention was dedicated to creating this strain a low-maintenance plant which completes by mid-October in northern environments. Flowering takes hold quickly with a lot of plants sexing within 7 days of switching to 12/12. Another positive characteristic is the quick and bountiful resin production during early flowering that rewards your time and efforts right off the bat..

  6. With Ice we have successfully sought to produce superb as well as volume collectively. Ice needs ancestors of Afghani, an extremely unique Skunk, Northern Light, and Shiva. An extreme option method of thousands of plants was actually used in discovering this unique mix. Ice flowers are actually richly covered in trichomes as well as receive a dense stability. Buds accumulate along main branches as well as there is an elevated flower to leaf ratio. Excellent for soil and hydro applications. The stone is actually heavy as well as the aroma is practically like fuel. Ice is actually a winner of the 1998 Cannabis Cup.

  7. Big Phish by Willy Jack Seeds is a cross of Jack Herer and Great White Shark, hence the fish/phish reference.

  8. Awards: not even introduced in competitions. Extremely powerful taste, woody and nutty. 9-10 weeks will offer rock-hard sativa buds blanketed in sparkling white resin. Indoor Yield in between 600 & 800 gr/sqm. Outdoor Yield as much as 1000 gr/plant.

  9. Papaya is a quick growing, disease resistant, as well as typically early growing stress. Papaya is a hefty, oily indica remaining low and heavy, remarkably appropriate for marine of environment-friendly small gardens. Papaya possesses an exotic tropical aroma that reminds one of the fragrance of whiskey pipe tobacco. The rumble from the papaya is actually lethargic, almost narcotic.

  10. An array of mixed outdoor strains having all genetics of great sources which includes Thai, Indian, Haze, Early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea. For your novice growers to the most sophisticated. Strongly suggested for first-time outdoor growers. Special Notices: A winner to those with financial budgets, trying to find something from well picked landraces combined in with.

  11. Our fastest finishing strain, Five-O, is a great cash cropper that does not take up lots of space, finishes in around 50 days and produces an excellent quality end product. Five-O combines the potency of a sativa with the yields of an indica and gives of a great citrus aroma.

  12. Anubis is a new cannabis variety, it is a high yielding version of the Chronic. This plant will be exceptional for any kind of cultivation almost without problems & this makes it ideally appropriate for cultivators who don’t have significant room available but want the maximum yield.

  13. Starbud is our flagship for Indicas. A stunning and potent Indica strain coming from the midwest USA with buds so frosty they twinkle like stars in a crystal clear summer night and an extremely robust potency that almost facilitates you to see stars. The flowering time is precisely 2 months and this strains provides super frosty, rock solid indica buds. Ideal for an enjoyable siesta and those that need sedative effects. Starbud is a clone determined by our company from a seed line we received from a discreet grower from the mid west USA. The actual make up is an enigma. After you have grown out 100s of clones & seeds from the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Spain including the U.S. (and a few other countries as well) we learned the Starbud is a champion. This became established by the judges at the 420 Cup plus the judges from the B.P.C. aka Berkley Patients Group at the 22nd HighTimes Cannabis Cup.

  14. Reeferman Seeds Cambodian x Haze is Cambodian IBL x Purple Haze later backcrossed with their Cambodian male. It’s a breathtaking South East Asian hybrid strain delivering great yields with a quality bud density along with a vivid high with virtually no paranoia. The Purple Haze was originally belonging to the proprietor of Positronics within Amsterdam and was crossed using a Cambodian strain which has been well worked in excess of a decade and it is adequate for indoor cultivation.

  15. Mostly Indica. This big skunk is an accomplished Vancouver Island original, having long skunk buds which are light green with complete skunky flavor. Excellent quick “up” high and also great commercial yielder.