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weed and seed washdown

Vehicles are one of the major vectors of long-distance weed seed spread. Viable seed removed from vehicles at roadside wash down facilities was studied at five locations in central Queensland, Australia over a 3-year period. Seed from 145 plant species, belonging to 34 different families, were identified in the sludge samples obtained from the wet particulate matter collection pit of the wash down facilities. Most of the species were annual forbs (50%) with small or very small seed size (<2 mm in diameter). A significant amount of seed from the highly invasive, parthenium weed was observed in these samples. More parthenium weed seed were found in the Rolleston facility and in the spring, but its seed was present in all facilities and in all seasons. The average number of viable seed found within every ton of dry particulate matter removed from vehicles was ca. 68,000. Thus, a typical wash down facility was removing up to ca. 335,000 viable seed from vehicles per week, of which ca. 6700 were parthenium weed seed. Furthermore, 61% of these seed (ca. 200,000) were from introduced species, and about half of these (35% of total) were from species considered to be weeds. Therefore, the roadside wash down facilities found throughout Queensland can remove a substantial amount of viable weed seed from vehicles, including the invasive parthenium weed, and the use of such facilities should be strongly encouraged.

Keywords: Invasive species; Parthenium weed; Prevention; Vehicle wash down facility; Weed control; Weed seed spread.

Weed and seed washdown

AA&ES has a wealth of knowledge in pest management and associated planning with two of its staff members previously employed by the DAFF Biosecurity Queensland and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) respectively. This combined experience and industry knowledge is a valuable asset to the AA&ES organisation.

We offer these services from wash facilities located throughout the Surat Basin. AA&ES main facilities are:

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AA&ES is qualified to provide Third Party Weed Hygiene Inspections. Our experienced staff can provide a vehicle/machinery inspection 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

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However, we understand the resource pressures in moving equipment to Local Government Clean Down Facilities.

Weed and seed washdown

In other words: fines apply for non-compliance

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to inspect and clean machinery, tools and other equipment, including vehicles, of material that may contribute to the spread of biosecurity threats.

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Failure to comply with certain protocol could see you receive penalties of up to $20,000. This is why it’s so important to be up to date about the processes and requirements for Weed & Seed washes.