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weed grow tent kit

Growing cannabis on your own can be a pretty tedious task. Not only do you need to have the proper environment – including growing medium, moisture, humidity, and light – but it also requires a great deal of patience. With a grower’s kit, you can make sure that at least some of your bases are covered.

Whether you’re an avid recreational smoker who has years of experience or you are interested in using it for medicinal purposes, you might be thinking about growing it yourself.

Thanks to the legalization in so many US states, so many people have taken an interest in growing their own weed, which has led to the development and production of so many different growers kits; however, while having a lot of options to choose from is always a good thing, sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming.

While cultivating your own weed offers numerous benefits (you can choose what you grow, you have complete control, it may be less expensive than buying, and you get the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor, for example), if you’re entirely new to the process, it can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a green thumb.

If this describes your situation, then you’re in the right place! If you want to give marijuana cultivation a try, but you want to get your feet wet before you dive into the waters, then a marijuana grower’s kit may be the perfect solution for you! With one of these kits, you can start your own weed farm with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in using a grower’s kit to start your marijuana cultivation journey, you’re in luck, because there are so many options out there.

Seriously, do you really want to become and LED lighting expert or do you just want to grow some loud for personal use?

Weed grow tent kit

LED’s excel in grow tents partly because of the heat factor, but also because a lot of the times when a grow tent is needed tends to be because of a budgetary or just not wanting it to be super obvious a Cannabis grow is happening.

It’s hard to find a sizeable grow tent at this price. Most budget kits sit around 4’ tall, which is fine in most scenarios, but having the extra space really helps with large yields and stalky plants.

It’s still an excellent kit with the same nice full-spectrum LED and filter fan kit, but the appeal is a bit lowered without that awesome height advantage. The price is low and some growers may be looking for a more compact option. Here it is.


A good product fits all these criteria, with exceptions to the rule considering the needs of different growers. Everything else a kit offers is just gravy, but luckily there are a few options to choose from that come loaded with them. However, choosing a kit just because it does all the shopping for us isn’t a priority when it comes to analyzing the best grow tent kits.

Being said, this is entry-level equipment. After multiple grows, wear and tear on some of these products will probably cause the owner to have to replace them. The hygrometer, specifically, is not the most reliable thing in the world, and one should be somewhat wary about trusting it blindly.

Getting into the world of cannabis growing is a big step. It requires a pretty decent financial investment that gets compounded by a pretty big learning curve when trying to figure out what products to go for and what to avoid.

1. BloomGrow Grow Tent – Best Overall

The interesting thing with the way the added height worked out was that the canopy doesn’t have to be kept so dense and low, which allows the 300w LED to penetrate deeper into the plant a lot better.

A compact grow is a pretty common need, so we’re including this here as a separate option just because of that. In a bottle, choose the taller kit, but when space is an issue this is not a bad choice.

Weed grow tent kit

It’ll be a waste of time and money if you buy a grow tent that’s too big for a room you’ve designated.

You can expect to get a 30% higher yield compared to many of the older led grow lights still available. Consuming around 300Watts true output and 684pcs LEDs, alongside the highest PAR/LUMEN output(1122umol 18″) great for all stages of growth.

These can also be used to house a mother plant to take cuttings from. These added rooms within the tent allow you to have a continuous system, which is beneficial and saves time.

The Bud Grower Grow Tent Kit

This kit comes with all of the essentials you may need, whether you are just starting out as a cannabis grower, or if you are looking to get the most out of your growing experience, and a head start on growing without the headache of having to find all the essential equipment a piece at a time.

This grow tent kit from OppoLite is perfect for growing multiple plants, especially for beginners to intermediates.

BloomGrow Grow Tent Kit

These full-spectrum LED grow lights can be used for all the different stages of growth.

This unique response creates male flowers to be produced within the female calyx. These male flowers can then pollinate your entire crop, and you’ll be left with seeded buds.