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weed grow tent size

Weed grow tent size

Pros of Growing Cannabis in a Grow Tent

If you’ve seen the examples and want to keep it simple and get a grow tent, here’s more information on how they quickly create the perfect environment for your growing marijuana plants!

Although some grower don’t use a carbon filter, they can unintentionally be making a trail that leads straight to their grow. Carbon filters ensure there are no smells whatsoever getting where they aren’t supposed to be in addition to providing peace of mind!

Weed grow tent size

Indoor grow tents afford excellent grow opportunities for the DIY grower.

Dear Dan,
I’m Ross and live in Oregon. I am also a OMMP, and my own grower in my house. I have had very good success and each grow is better than the last, so far. I was looking at the Oregon Department of Justice Web site and discovered that a OMMP growing for themselves can have their six plants in flower and also they can have four recreational plants in flower. Wow, 10 at once and legal. I can also have as many plants in transition, and I use fem seeds. I happen to live in one of the counties (Klamath) that opted out the cannabis business. We do have two medical dispensaries for those unable to grow for themselves. Any decent grower that was servicing our area has moved to a friendlier county where they can practice their trade. One last point—I am able to sell my excess to a dispensary. I am 64, disabled and have been planning on selling my excess for extra income. I now use a 48 X 48-inch grow tent. I would like to use this one for vegging. And, buy another tent and light for flowering. I have been trying to find what is the best size tent and lights for what I want to do but have been unable. — Ross

It sounds like for your purposes, an 8 x 4-foot grow tent would work perfectly as your flowering room. The 4 x 4-foot tent can become your vegetative space where you can keep motherplants, clones and seedlings and then they can move on into the larger tent to bloom. I would hang two 400 or 600-watt HID lights in the flowering tent depending on how much heat you can handle and remove. Obviously, the 600-watt lights will produce more heat so you’ll have to vent more of that hot spent air if you chose them. You will yield more from the 600-watt lights than the 400-watt ones if you can keep temps in the proper range.