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weed growing accessories

Weed growing accessories

We also sell security items that will make our grows safer, such as flooding sensor alarms, door alarms and fire alarms that would shut the electricity off in case of fire.

Stakes hold plants’ weight. They range from being a simple plastic stick to a stake with multiple extensible arms that hold all the plants’ branches in place. You’ll also find SCRoG Elastic Trellis Netting, with which grows will increase their weight and homogeneity.

Sound meters control noise and avoid inconveniencing neighbors as well as being discovered. Lux meters measure light potency and thermometers give the exact temperature from a precise spot, which helps detect overly-heated areas.

Microscopes are also available, such as the Lumagny Professional 60x 80x 100x Microscope. They are quite handy to detect early signs of plague and also to know if our marijuana is ready for harvest. You’ll be able to observe how plants start getting covered by resin and how it turns amber, which is worth observing to know exactly when to trim the plant.

We have a varied selection of scissors,for trimming, cutting clones, different kind of pruning shears, and extremely strong scissors to cut stems. Regardless of the use you want to give them, you’ll find ones suitable to your needs.

Certain electronic tools will help keep grows in perfect conditions regarding noise, temperature and light potency.

This category features all the necessary tools and accessories to perform self-grows. You’ll find different tools and accessories that will be helpful to take care of plants, improve grows and increase the final yield.

It doesn’t matter what tool or accessory you are looking for regarding safety or maintenance, you’ll find it in GB The Green Brand online shop.

Set-up properly, optimise your indoor garden and enjoy hydroponics success!

Our friendly, experienced hydroponics experts will advise you about all aspects of indoor hydroponic gardening – grow lighting, nutrients, temperature, heating, humidity, ventilation and more.

No matter how much experience or know-how you have, our online hydro shop UK team are always on hand to help.

Established in 2017, THC Hydroponics supplies all the hydroponic equipment, grow systems & nutrients for crops to achieve their full potential.

Why should you choose THC Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a fun way to grow healthy and high-yielding plants in a liquid nutrient solution – with or without using soil.

For more professional advice and information, get in touch or call 01926 511151 – we’re happy to advise anyone who loves hydroponics and indoor gardening!