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weed growing and selling games

Weed growing and selling games

Being a noob to the world of free mobile weed gaming, it wasn’t clear what to expect. When searching “weed games” in the Apple store, Weed Firm 2 was the first option. The tutorial opens up with “this is my recipe for never being sad” by WF Project, a catchy tune to be sure. It was intriguing enough to Shazam it. Not off to a bad start Weed Firm!

Playability : This game is unplayable unless you purchase an item to unlock the ad-free mode. Otherwise, you are relentlessly bombarded with ads. If you are playing in ad-free mode, the game is much more enjoyable but expensive. To purchase items like nutrients, you have to first actually buy them to unlock them after you run out of the initial supply the game gives you. I’m new to the world of online weed gaming, but I have played enough games to know when a game consists entirely of microtransactions, and this game is guilty as sin.

Three fun games for your iPhone or Android

If you are reading this page, we already have one thing in common: we think weed is awesome. You know what else is awesome? Video games.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College iOs

Playability: This game is actually quite playable without ads. We only came across a couple of ads during gameplay, and they were by choice to avoid spending money. This game will not let you go idle, however. Your plants very quickly become infested with spider mites, which of course, ruins the quality of your plants and affects your progress. A particularly annoying thing with this game is that it can take a couple of minutes to update when you complete tasks. There were a couple of occasions where the job would not update as completed even after restarting the app, causing you to dismiss the completed job to progress.

Weed growing and selling games

Following is the list of best weed farm games that you can play on mobile –

Best Weed Farm Games For Android & iOS

So these are the best weed farm games for Android & iOS. If you know more games, share them in the comment section below.


It’s a story-driven weed farming game by LDRLY. You will meet a lot of characters in the game and progress through the chapter mode featuring lots of episodes and missions. The storylines of the characters are great. It’s based on the idle mechanics where you set up the business and deploy the characters to automate the stuff. You will build, get customers, make money, and progress further in the storyline. The graphics are nice. The gameplay is fun.

Weed growing and selling games

As its name supposes, Ganja Farmer is the weed growing simulator game that empowers you to develop your cannabis farm. Your aim in the game is to grow the greatest plantation of marijuana and build an empire around it. The game is filled with colorful characters that always make funny jokes and comments. As for the visual aspect of the game, it’s quite decent but not outstanding in any way.

The game covers lots of weed sorts that exist in real life. And you get to control the whole process from planting to harvesting the weed. All the weed sorts require their own climatic conditions that you need to consider while growing. The number of customers will grow level by level and you get to control your prices as you want.

Once you’ll get enough money you can buy other properties like shops or farms. You can also hire people to help you with growing and selling your products. Plus, you can break the beds, plant the seeds, water it, and trim the plants. You can also put your cannabis in various forms like cupcakes.

Weed Shop is the game that grants you to build your own weed empire.

Weed Shop The Game

This game is a realistic simulator of weed growing but it also empowers you to build economic bounds to sell your pots. Your aim in this game is to make a full-on empire in the weed business. Thus, you can cultivate various sorts of marijuana and even the well-known Alien weed.

Herewith, you can buy new weed strains, supplies, LED lamps and renew the look of your shop. When you’ll start getting real profit you can expand you shop and buy a new property for that. You can also buy farms to grow weed. You can also promote your shop with fliers and other stuff.

In case you’re looking for a place to buy weed and it’s legalized in your country, check this article: 5 Best weed maps apps for Android & iOS

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

This game is not only about growing and cultivating marijuana it also has economical aspects. Thus, you can grow your weed business and interact with lots of characters. All your clients have a story to tell and if you’ll listen to them they can positively affect you business. You start with a small farm of weed but it will grow from round to round.

This game is basically like the farm but with weed. The game takes place on the island where the family runs a cannabis farm. Your main aim in the game is to develop a family business and take it to the international level. Plus, there’s a billionaire guy who wants to take the farm from your family and you need to stop this from happening.