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weed growing containers

We gladly welcome custom orders for commercial growers. We make our Smart Pot fabric containers at our headquarters in Oklahoma City, so turnaround time on custom products is fast. Contact us for your custom order.

Our fabric containers are significantly stronger compared to other planters and won’t fall apart mid-season. Smart Pot containers are reusable and sustainable. Our high-quality fabric maintains its integrity year after year. Its design withstands the environmental impacts of sun, wind, water — saving you time and money.

Preferred by professional growers for over 30 years, Smart Pot is the original fabric aeration container. Our award-winning fabric products are made in the U.S.A. and are free of lead, copper, B.P.A., and Phthalates for a completely clean growth!

It is the world’s original fabric container manufactured by High Caliper Growing, the inventors of root-pruning technology, which increases yields by improving water and nutrient absorption.

Custom Order Containers

We pioneered the air root pruning technology. Our planting containers naturally root prune the plants’ roots, which increases yield by improving water and nutrient absorption – delivering exceptional yields and a potent cannabis product.

Outdoor Performance Cannabis by Dustin Fraser, renowned professional cannabis grower, reveals his methods for taking the cannabis plant and cultivating it into a cannabis tree.

Smart Pot is an Investment – Made to Last

Weed growing containers

If you’re having trouble emptying out all your plant saucers, you may want to consider an alternative to regular saucers…

Make sure to give water slowly in a small circle around seedlings until you get runoff water out the bottom of the container. This makes sure that water is getting to your plant’s roots but isn’t over-saturating the container.

More oxygen to the roots

pH Management – Some nutrients are sensitive to the pH of their environment. When exposed to the wrong pH, the molecular form of these nutrients actually changes. Nutrients in the wrong chemical form become unavailable to your plant roots. Exposing nutrients to the correct pH reverts them back to a form your roots can take in.

Moist at all times – roots die when they dry out! Good watering practices combined with a great growing medium will make sure your roots never dry out

Weed growing containers

Sterilize Your Pots Before Reuse: Before you start over again with a new crop, always clean your containers by rinsing and draining them. A bleach solution with a 1:9 ratio of bleach to water can get the job done.

Fabric Containers: A big fabric sack or bag works well as a container. These are huge containers that can contain multiple plants, and they provide excellent airflow and drainage. However, you need to monitor the plants carefully to ensure they don’t dry out. Plus, the flimsy structure is a cause for concern.

Most novices begin with soil unless they’re looking to start a hydroponics grow. It’s a good idea to fill the container’s bottom with gravel or stones to improve drainage, too.

Incidentally, if you’re growing a single plant in a pot indoors, you’ll need a way to catch water drainage. Keep the container on a tray or plate to catch the run-off.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Container Growing Cannabis

Container gardening is straightforward. You can grow successfully using a few handy tips and tricks. Below, we cover the essentials and provide a step-by-step guide to beginning your cannabis container garden.

It’s a simple method for indoor growers, as it doesn’t require you to set up an entire grow room. You will, however, need space for the containers and grow lights. Also, it’s vital to control the temperature when growing marijuana plants.

Here are some of the most common types of container:

Choose the Right Pot and Growing Medium

Indoor growing requires some special know-how. You must know how to control the lighting and temperature so that your cannabis plant thrives. You also have to deliver the right nutrients.

You can quite easily run a small growing operation using container gardening.