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weed growing games

Weed growing games

Weed Shop 2 on PC lets players sell the weed they farmed. If you’re looking for something to play on your phone or tablet, Weed Firm 2 is one of your best bets. You can cultivate and sell your weed to all types of interesting characters. Diversify your inventory with pre-rolled blunts, rosin, dabs, edibles and more. You’ll have to protect your stash from local gangbangers. Corrupt cops and the feds will also be out to get you.

StinkBud/High Times

One way to stir friendly competition is to have everyone pick a different thing they think one of the characters will say or do. Anytime your character does what you predicted, reward yourself with a hit. The one with the reddest eyes at the end wins.

Simulation Selling Weed Games

Weed smoking games work similar to drinking games. The only difference is that there are fewer decisions to regret and less vomit to mop up.

Netflix and chilling will get old and boring over time. When you get high, weed games provide you with something to do other than dozing off or getting higher. Whether you’re looking for a game to play with friends while smoking or a video game to mellow out to alone after a heavy smoke session, we’ve got some suggestions.

Weed Games For Groups

Another weed farming game on the app store is the highly rated Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. Take planting, growing and harvesting tips from the rap entrepreneur in his simulation game.

Another classic drinking game that can be easily turned into a weed smoking game is “never have I ever.” Have a bowl packed or something rolled before gathering in a circle. Go around in one direction making statements that start with “never have I ever.”

Let’s Grow!
•Grow weed and popular strains like Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Jack Herer, and many more!
•Prefer Indica? Sativa? Why not grow both!?
•Breed new strains and hybrids in the Lab
•Customize your favorite strains and grow some tasty buds
•Turn your weed farm into a thriving cannabusiness

What’s New

Create Cannabis Products
•Bake cookies, brownies, and other weed infused goodies!
•Craft hash, kief, shatter, rosin, oils, and other marijuana concentrates
•Breed hybrid strains to make strong, high yielding tasty buds
•Push your goods, trade and sell weed for profit

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Weed growing games

Can you smoke weed in this game: No, there is no opportunity to smoke weed in this game, but that is not to say that you cannot smoke weed yourself while playing this game. Lord knows that I certainly did.

Playability : This game is unplayable unless you purchase an item to unlock the ad-free mode. Otherwise, you are relentlessly bombarded with ads. If you are playing in ad-free mode, the game is much more enjoyable but expensive. To purchase items like nutrients, you have to first actually buy them to unlock them after you run out of the initial supply the game gives you. I’m new to the world of online weed gaming, but I have played enough games to know when a game consists entirely of microtransactions, and this game is guilty as sin.

This game starts off very quickly. There is no tutorial. You are given a plant to grow and collect coins from. After you have gathered enough coins, you are given another strain to grow and collect coins from. A certain amount of coins is required to unlock the next strain. This game is not so much about the growing and more about coin mining.

As you progress through the levels, you are rewarded with more strains to try, earning you more money and more customers. Level 7 unlocks the dispensary, in which you can create your own custom sales and wait for people to buy them. Knowing how to price your herb is key to making sales!

Bud Farm iOs

If you are reading this page, we already have one thing in common: we think weed is awesome. You know what else is awesome? Video games.

Activities such as watering your plants, feeding them nutrients , etc., cost you energy (much like they do in real life). Pretty quickly, you run out and have to regularly replenish your energy; otherwise, the game will nag you until you do. Pretty early on in the game, you receive a fridge, which partially replenishes your energy bar. As your operation grows (pun sort of intended), it becomes more challenging to maintain your energy. If you do not want to wait the two minutes to recover what is probably one-sixth of your energy, you have the option of watching an ad (of which there are plenty) or purchasing it (real money, not in-game currency).

Video games and weed are simpatico, but what about when you combine them? I’m talking, of course, about video games about weed. While you might not have much luck finding a weed-themed console game, there are plenty of other places you will find them.

Three fun games for your iPhone or Android

Few things pair together quite as well as smoking weed and playing video games. Sure, you could enjoy a good book, but pot can be a little distracting. Video games are also distracting, which is why they are great to play when you do not want to think too much. It’s also why many people can’t smoke weed without playing video games .

The game’s premise is this: your grow gets busted, and now you have to start from scratch to become the Tony Montana of weed. You start by growing your plants one at a time, regularly watering them, feeding them nutrients until you harvest your crop, and sell your goods to your friendly neighborhood potheads. Selling them weed and smoking joints with them earns you respect, which gets you better deals in the long run. If you want to get rid of a customer, you can “diss” them by flipping them off, but this loses you respect.