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weed growing license uk

Weed growing license uk

Inside the 18 hectare glasshouse at British Sugar's Wissington cannabis farm. Picture: ARCHANT – Credit: Archant

Hanway is supporting the development of medical cannabis facilities in the UK with the launch of a new initiative, Crop17, in association with Savills.

Hemp is the term for a cannabis crop grown for its fibres, either in materials or for consumption, and where extracts are generally present only at very low levels.

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Meanwhile, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – a much less abundant extract which has psychoactive properties – is a class B controlled drug in the UK.

A single cannabis sativa plant contains a number of “assets” which can be put to good use. Its fibres provide extremely resilient materials, while its seeds and stem are nutritious. The leaves contain a medically important extract known as CBD, or cannabidiol.

The “wonder-crop” – which grows well in the UK – is grown commercially across nearly 50,000ha in the European Union.

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Cannabis flowers contain the most CBD oil Picture: ARCHANT – Credit: Archant

The CBD extract is becoming well established as a treatment for seizures, chronic pain and various other illnesses, and is also a common ingredient in wellness and lifestyle products.

Weed growing license uk

Information on the licensing requirements and application process for low THC cannabis (industrial hemp).


More information about controlled drug licensing is also available.

Industrial hemp licensing: factsheet

PDF files replaced with html versions.

New wording about how licence will be sent out after payment.

Added important date information for industrial hemp licence applications for the 2021 growing season.

If you apply to register or apply for a licence after these cut-off dates, we cannot guarantee processing times and we may have to reject your application or registration request.

Applications for licences to cultivate in the 2022 season can be made from this date. Applications received before this date will be rejected as premature.

Licence no longer needed

We may also ask for our administrative costs to be paid within 10 working days. We can email you extra information about these costs.

If you have subscribed to the DBS update service, you should include this information in your licence application.

Information for prospective growers of low THC cannabis (industrial hemp), for the production of seed and fibre only.

Personal information

To apply, you first need to register as a customer on the controlled drugs licensing system. If your application is successful, you will receive a username and password. You do not need to register again each time you apply.

If you are a new or existing grower read our hemp factsheet for information on the licensing process for industrial hemp.