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weed growing simulator

Weed growing simulator

It’s farming season and we brought to you a unique farming experience.This time you can grow all types of weeds and enjoy the green fields.This is your chance to be a weed farmer in this unique experience.Use all farming tools like plows , tractors , rakes etc to grow weeds. Plant weeds like sativa , indica and reduralis to diversify your crop.Take care of your fields everyday by spraying pesticides and insecticides , trimming and watering crops.

Download now to become a real weed farmer and plant your crops in this free game!

Weed growing simulator

From this point you will need to login and visit your plants daily, you will see them grow strongly if looked after properly or die after a week or two if neglected. Remember this game is a simulation of the real deal and you must remember to water, fertilize, adjusting the light height and photo-period. Also pruning growing tips and deciding the exact moment to harvest your crop is crucial.

This in my opinion is a great way to learn how to grow cannabis like a pro and just have fun! Unfortunately the original site is no longer available, however a perfectly preserved copy resides on the Yahoo Wayback Machine so I can use this as my source 🙂 All the links in this post are hotlinked directly to the Yahoo Wayback Machine archive. I must admit I love to revive sites on the steemit block-chain, its kinda like a hobby for me I guess 🙂

A few example screen shots

Weed growing simulator

Devolver Digital is anything but normal when it comes to video games. This time, their bringing another developer, Vile Monarch, along for the ride in their new endeavor, and their new IP sort of smells like weed. Both companies have announced a brand new PC tycoon simulator game, Weedcraft Inc., where you grow, breed, and sell marijuana in the United States.

Along with the announcement came a reveal trailer, showcasing clips (new and old) on the anti-weed propaganda, as well as the movement to legalize it over the past several years. Some gameplay was also shown, and the best way to describe it is that it’s Roller Coaster Tycoon meets Sim City, but with marijuana. The player will be tasked with maintaining a business that specifically deals in the production and distribution of weed. The idea of a marijuana business is an idea that already has some controversy surrounding it, as the political and cultural ramifications will be played out to the player firsthand, giving them an idea of how their business is affecting the area around them. For example, you can expand the business any way you like, with the ever increasing risk of politicians and police breathing down your neck to see if you’re legitimate or not. On the other hand, you can actually choose to bribe officials with weed and favors to get them to turn a blind eye from your operations.

Weedcraft Inc from @VileMonarch is the burgeoning legal pot industry’s first fully fledged tycoon game! Wishlist on Steam: — Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) October 1, 2018