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weed growing supplies

Weed growing supplies

The satisfaction of our customers always comes first at Growmart. Visit us on site (Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 4:30 PM, give us a call or write us a message. We will respond to your enquiries promptly. In addition to personal customer service, we also offer comprehensive advice regarding our products so that you can be sure of achieving the best results.

SANlight Q3W S2.1 Gen2, 120W

The right grow room ventilation ensures that the permanent exchange of air in your grow room or grow tent does not cause the temperature to get too warm and that humidity remains constant. An extraction fan with a carbon filter also ensures that no odours escape. With an extractor fan kit, you receive a carbon filter, extraction fan and further necessary accessories at an affordable price.

Grow room ventilation

In addition to these innovations for advanced and professional users, we also provide everything that beginners need. Our grow kits in particular ensure an easy start and a cost saving compared to individual prices. The kits are put together in such a way that users can start growing right away using only the best products. Newcomers can easily get started with our grow tents and kits. There are of course also configurations for a grow room ventilation kit and for a fertiliser kit from different manufacturers.

Hydroponics is a fun way to grow healthy and high-yielding plants in a liquid nutrient solution – with or without using soil.


Set-up properly, optimise your indoor garden and enjoy hydroponics success!

Why should you choose THC Hydroponics?

No matter how much experience or know-how you have, our online hydro shop UK team are always on hand to help.

Weed growing supplies

Proper ventilation is critical for indoor marijuana plant health. Continually pumping in fresh air is necessary to stimulate photosynthesis. During this process, plants convert the light, water, and carbon dioxide into energy. Additionally, without proper ventilation equipment, your room is vulnerable to fluctuating and high temperatures. Hot and humid climates can increase the risk of mold and pest infestation.

Besides airflow, you’re going to need to replace the air of your indoor garden. An air exhaust system pumps out more air than it’s allowing in. This creates a slight negative pressure and brings in fresh and cool air. In the system, you have an exhaust fan, a filter, and ducting to push air out of your garden space. Look for systems with cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings to determine if it can handle your garden space.

When buying your ventilation equipment, you must know the size of your grow area or grow tents. If you want to get a fan to create an air flow make sure it can handle your garden size. A small clip-on fan can work for small gardens, A medium-sized or big floor fan can provide greater air circulation for large gardens.

6. Grow Room Ventilation

Growing mediums are the root’s support system and where they will pick up the necessary water and nutrients. There are many different types of grow medium including soil and hydroponics. If you’re going with soil, you can choose from pre-made potting soil. You can also make your own soil medium with organic ingredients and compost. If you have a hydroponic system you’ll be using substrates made out of coco coir, clay, rockwool, perlite, or vermiculite. Soil and hydroponic mediums have different nutrient requirements.

In a hydroponic system, the nutrients are provided through the water. You will have to purchase and add your nutrients into your water supply creating a nutrient solution. When buying nutrients for hydroponic gardens, go with chelated minerals to improve absorption rates. Mixing the nutrients properly according to the directions is key to creating a homogenized solution.

7. Thermometer

If you have a particularly pungent cannabis strain, you may need to invest in a carbon filter to control some of its aroma, especially if you don’t want any roommates or neighbors smelling your garden. A carbon filter can remove nearly all of this smell. A carbon filter is essential to keep your garden from bothering others. When buying a carbon filter, make sure to get one that has a CFM rating equal to or exceeding your garden’s volume.

Now that you know why pH is such a big deal, it’s important to invest in a pH meter. Keep in mind, you’re going to need a different meter for soil and a different one for a hydroponic system. Hydroponic pH meters must work well in water.