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weed growing videos

Another way to moderate the pace of the dry is to trim, or manicure your plant, the process by which you remove excess plant material like fan leaves and sugar leaves.

The legal limit in my area is six plants. I’m only looking to grow three. So I am going to pop a few seeds of each cultivar and trust that one or two is a lady.

How to tell when your cannabis is ready to harvest

Give the new container a sprinkling of water to help everything feel real good in its new home. Keep them in the shade the rest of the day and throw them back in the sun first thing in the morning.

How to pop (germinate) your weed seeds

Now, left un-pruned, your weed will grow into the shape of a Christmas tree with one giant cola (which is the weed word for flower bud). That sounds like the coolest thing in the world, but in practice, is not. All that dense, moist growth, with no light in there, is just a recipe for mold, disease, disaster. It will be a nightmare to dry and cure evenly, which is the whole goal with weed.

GamerHelper’s video, which is inexplicably accompanied by “Dire, Dire Docks” from the Super Mario 64 soundtrack, features a slow exploration of Halo 3’s Guardian map. In particular, the video focuses on the beautiful, fernlike plants growing on the walls of various structures in the level. Crucially, GamerHelper’s video kicks off with a title card instructing the viewer what they should be looking for: “On The Map Guardian did you ever noticed that there was weed in it?”

Those are ferns in that video. This is weed:

I can’t blame GamerHelper for their confusion, and I certainly hope they’ve made some important discoveries since 2007 about this topic. (I found GamerHelper’s old Xbox Live profile and sent them a message about this video, but I did not hear back. Sadly, I do not expect to ever hear back, since their profile appears to have been unused since 2008.) Speaking for myself, I didn’t know much about weed in 2007, either, and it wasn’t exactly easy to find out more about it.

Drug use in a news report without glorification or promotion.

Content that focuses on the visualization or effects of drug use; or the creation or distribution of drugs or drug paraphernalia in a comedic, non-educational or non-documentary context.

Some examples of content that also fall into this category:

Focus on drug purchase, manufacturing or distribution, such as home opioid manufacturing, news reports on cannabis farms.

Some examples of content that also fall into this category:

Talk about drugs or drug paraphernalia in the context of science, such as the scientific effects of drug use.

Some examples of content that also fall into this category:

These are, according to YouTube, the new, more relaxed rules.

Content that depicts or discusses the abuse, purchase, manufacture, sale or discovery of drugs or drug paraphernalia in graphic detail.