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weed seed feed detox

Weed seed feed detox

Every day we are exposed to a vast number of toxic substances that we may not even be aware of – in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the environment we surround ourselves in.

Integrated Detox

To stay truly well, it is vital to help your body clear these toxins. The beneficial nutrients in whole natural foods, and in naturally derived remedies in our detox program, combine to support your body during the detoxification and repair processes.

This digestive repair program is a cleansing, healing program which allows your body’s detoxification and repair systems to recover and function efficiently.
This program is designed to rebalance disturbed intestinal bacteria, restore poor digestion, prevent allergic exposure, and repair the ‘leaky gut’. These factors can all contribute to the entry of toxins from the gut into the body, causing systemic inflammation. This dysfunction of the intestinal wall, and the consequent toxic invasion, is associated with many chronic diseases.

Weed seed feed detox

Vitamin C isn’t the only antioxidant that supports healthy liver detox: Vitamin E and Selenium are also important for the liver, as they support glutathione peroxidase activity. Think of glutathione as the big boss of antioxidants. Our bodies naturally produce glutathione, but production can slow down due to a sluggish liver. Vitamin E, C, and Selenium help to boost glutathione production which in turn boosts liver detoxification capabilities. Sadly, our soil is largely depleted of Selenium today, so supplementation is often recommended. Vitamin E can be found in eggs, wild salmon, almonds, and olive oil!

Like I mentioned in the first part of this blog post, I’ve been following a liver-support diet for the past week or so to help encourage gentle detoxification. Here is an example of what a typical day of eating looks like for me on this protocol. You can make each meal for yourself or use this as inspiration to create your own healthy and delicious meals with some of the superstar liver-supporting foods in the graphic above.

Key Nutrients for Liver Support

Next, we “seed” the gut, by introducing probiotics and/or more fermented foods! After clearing the gut of most of the pathogenic bacteria during the “weed” phase, it’s time for the good gut bugs to move in. Probiotic supplements and fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and low-sugar kombucha are great to add to your diet to begin to grow your gut’s beneficial bacteria populations and improve the health of your microbiome.

Vitamin C is also crucial for reducing free radical formation, which impairs the liver’s natural detoxification abilities. When doing a spring liver detox, you may want to consider supplementing with vitamin C as well, as getting enough through your diet can be tricky. However, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are very good sources of vitamin C, so if you don’t want to supplement, try including these in as many meals a day as you can! Remember that leafy greens are incredibly versatile- you can add them to smoothies, omelets, and sauces, make salads, or simply blanch them for an easy side with dinner!

Lifestyle Recommendations to Promote Detoxification

But first! There is one very important step we need to remember before diving into a liver detox for the first time and that is that our digestion and elimination systems must be working optimally to be able to actually remove the toxins from our body. First we must weed and then seed the gut before we can focus on feeding the body foods to promote liver-detox.

Why Should I Detox?

Remove the not so good including food, chemicals and environmental toxins, bacteria in your gut and replace with clean, fresh healthy food, air and exercise. This will replace the good bacteria in your gut. Another way to look at it is cleaning out your fish tank .

There are two aspects to detoxification; removal and replacement. Or, as we like to call it, weed, seed and feed, same as preparing a garden to grow and bear fruit, flowers or crops. There are a variety of ways to remove toxins from the body, including:

Simple: because it can greatly improve the quality of your life. You can start today with the first steps… eliminating junk foods from your diet and exercising more. Pick one thing that you think is the worst habit or need for you and reduce it by 25%. It may be only drinking one coffee a day, or carbs once a day, or cut out pasta and bread.

The first of these, eating whole, natural foods is also the best way to replace toxins with nutrients and toxin fighting antioxidants and vitamins. Replacing unhealthy fats with healthy fats such as those found in olive oil, too, helps remove toxins from the body.