Weed Wars Debuts On Discovery Channel

Weed Wars Debuts On Discovery Channel

“Every day you get to walk away not handcuffed, is a good day.”

So opens Discovery’s “Weed Wars.” The show, which peers into life at the Harborside Health Center (the largest dispensary in the country) and the medical marijuana industry, made it’s high-ly anticipated debut this evening. “Weed Wars,” which technically debuts at 10 PM PST this evening, is basically must watch TV, no matter what side of the green fence you sit on.

The debut episode takes an in-depth look at the day-to-day operations of Harborside and the lives of the company’s most important people. “Weed Wars” is an important show for all members of the medical cannabis community, as the breadth of its coverage is pretty much groundbreaking for network television. Because of this, it’s a quite controversial show that could potentially have a huge impact on growers, dispensaries, and patients, for better or worse.

On the high side, the show will definitely help raise awareness for MMJ. On the low side. Well, only time will tell if and what kind of repercussions would be felt, as there’s never really been this microscopic of a look into a Marijuana dispensary.

*Spoiler Alert*: Stop reading now if you haven’t watched it yet.

The show was pretty much a home-run, as would be expected from the network that produced Planet Earth. “Weed Wars” is entertaining, interesting, in-depth, and informative for anyone from a grower to a noob. This particular episode centers around the company’s fight to get a million dollar tax imposed by Oakland on the dispensary dismissed–but I won’t give the ending away.

“Weed Wars” centers around Harborside’s executive director Steve DeAngelo, the owner of Harborside Health Center, which is based in Oakland, CA. Steve has the perfect persona for this type of show–he’s a likable character and he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Andrew DeAngelo, Steve’s brother and the general manager of Harborside also figures prominently in the show. Andrew is essentially the man that has to deal with all of the political and financial issues that go hand in hand with owning a MMJ dispensary. Suffice it to say he appears quite stressed out throughout the episode. And he rides a vespa–which just has got to go.

Another notable character on the show is Terryn, an employee and aspiring grower who basically represents the common-man stoner. It’s impossible to not like Terryn and even harder to like his mom, who does not approve of his profession. Simply put, Terryn keeps it real.

Oh, and here’s a shocker: Snoop Dogg produced the music, which was also quite chill.

Another dank aspect of the show were the pro-herb sound bytes, which were plentiful. A few notable quotes from the show were:

“Everyone thinks were some kind of drug cartel.”

“I know for a fact that I smoke too much…I always assumed that I stop.” -Terryn

“I’m not medicating to get high. I’m medicating to feel well”.

“I love looking at cannabis.”

“It won’t make you high, it just takes care of the pain.”

And, my favorite:

“I’m much better at thinking about things to do than accomplishing those things.”

Another stellar aspect of the show was that they showed MMJ patients and that there was a proper mix of race, age, and ailments among those patients. It’s hard to watch people, that can’t grow cannabis seeds for them selfs, who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, insomnia, and a myriad of other injuries talk about their pain and not come away thinking that smoking weed is a bad thing for them.

There also were plenty of “action” shots. And unlike Showtime’s hit show “Weeds,” these fellas actually get lifted.

If “Weed Wars” continues on this path, it’s going to be a smash hit and raise even more awareness for The Cause. Now Go Watch it.