Weed World Seedbank Review

Weed World Seedbank Review

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Weed World is operated by the creators of the biggest cannabis lifestyle magazine weed world magazine. here at weed world we offer a large range of feminised cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds (marijuana seeds). we have selected our cannabis seeds based on their genetics and popularity around the world. You can be assured our cannabis seeds are from reputable seed breeders, while being at a very competitive price. We stock some of the best smoking equipment and use a discreet worldwide delivery service directly to your door.

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  1. Comparable to our White Rose, White Pearl is a brilliant and legendary strain from the “White” family. A really nice Widow variation.

  2. Savor this familiar aroma and get captivated by its warm effect. It soon bacame a spot among our favorite varieties. A true short flowering indica along with a fence structure, very few leaves and incredibly productive if perhaps we supply the right conditions. Let your senses release and revel in good times enveloped by its beloved aroma. Smell: Lavendar and Rosemary. Taste: Fragrant herbs. Effects: Sense of wellness.

  3. A Feminized automatic strain of high stature, this strain has been selected to satisfy our customers demand for a taller automatic strain with Big Devil Automatic plants able to reach 1 to 1.5 meters in height. They also have great production of compact and resinous buds which are infused with a fruity taste and a Skunk touch.

  4. BRASIL x KC is a plant suitable for the indoor cultivation with a great production. The BRASIL x KC has compact buds and a strong aroma. The parents from this plant are MANGO VERMELHO coming from PARANAIBA BRASIL and KC 606.

  5. The Fucking Incredible brings more flavour and potency, for a truly strong and lovely tasting smoke. Flowering time 6-8 weeks in a two gallon pot yields 60-85 grams / 2-3 ounces.