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weeds growing out of chimney

The roots need properly attacked and treated, weeds and plants have amazing recovery properties, except the ones I try to grow

After being let down twice by a roofer/builder, I decided to think of some creative ways to remove this 4 year old plant myself without climbing on the roof.

Plan B is several 2 meter long garden canes taped together end to end with a mother of a sea fishing hook taped on the end of the canes.

The top end of my exention ladder at gutter level is as far a I dare climb. So far I have tried a high powered pump action water gun (from the toy store) filled with sodium chloride weed killer. This failed due to the water jets not reaching the plant.


New creative suggestions or amendments to my existing ideas would be appreciated.

Apparently, if the roots get in to the mortar joints, the plant could ultimately bring the chimney down. Hence, I don’t want to leave the problem in abeyance.

A fall from gutter height can easily kill or disable, if you are not happy at the extremes of a ladder especially while trying to wave bits of sticks around then keep trying to find someone that is.


Weeds growing out of chimney

I’ve got some plants/weeds starting to come out of the mortar on my brick chimney. It was retacked about 12 years ago when I bought the house. I didn’t use the fireplace this year or last and wonder if that has exacerbated the problem. I’ve read that salt erodes mortar, so I don’t want to use that. What should I use? A mild herbicide?

Why not just make a fire in the fireplace? By the way, there is no such thing as a "mild" herbicide. They are all toxic to your environment.

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You didn't answer the question I don't want to start a fire in the fireplace

Weeds growing out of chimney

You could use an extending ladder to get past the eaves then a roof ladder like these to get to the ridge,

I’m basing that on a sky engineer drilling a hole in our wall to secure his ladder and replace our satellite dish.

Yours needs re-pointing. Speak to roofers.

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