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weeds growing through artificial turf

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Hang on, wasn’t part of the reason you got artificial grass in the first place because you wouldn’t have to deal with weeds ever again? Well then, if you’ve noticed some pesky weeds growing through your turf, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world are these doing here?” But don’t worry! Treating weeds in turf is actually really easy to do. Plus, you have multiple options to get rid of them and help keep them from coming back. We’ll cover your weed-killing choices from home remedies with boiling water and vinegar to commercial sprays.

Weeds growing through artificial turf

When you see weed growth, the weed initially starts on top of the surface of the artificial turf. As we know, weed’s seeds get picked up by the wind and travel from location to location. If you have weeds in other parts of your yard, or your neighbors have weeds in their yard, the weed’s seeds are even more likely to travel to your artificial turf area. Once a weed’s seed lands on the surface of your artificial turf, the seed will begin to grow within the sand infill on top.

How to Remove Weeds from Artificial Turf

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