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weeds growing through stones

Weeds growing through stones

This will involve a trip to your local garden centre or DIY shop.

To kill weeds between paving stones and gravel, you can be rather ruthless.

Simply rake your pebbles away from the grass and apply the fabric in sections – or remove all the gravel and lay the fabric before popping the gravel back over.

Remember to add the dish soap last or else your mixture will foam up.

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First, kill off the weeds, then follow the steps for prevention below.

While you can kill off these weeds fairly easily, one key way to keep your gravel clear of weeds is to prevent them in the first place.

How to stop weeds: Weeds can easily grow up between the pebbles if the right conditions allow (Image: GETTY)

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One simple three-ingredient weedkiller involves washing up liquid, salt and water.

Gravel is an ideal covering for paths, driveways and to add some decoration to your green space.

Weeds growing through stones

I have laid a lot of gravel driveways over the years. I know that weed barriers are not the answer to weed problems in gravel paths or driveways. Weed suppressant fabrics and plastic don’t work for the long-term.

full application instructions and dilution rates come with it.

Corkscrew weeder Takes the backache out of weeding gravel. Ideal for removing tap-rooted weeds growing through weed suppressant fabric, simply screw the steel spiral through the gravel into the ground and pull. lifetime guarantee

Do weed suppressant fabrics work? the pros and cons

This trowel set is the ideal shape for removing long rooted weeds from gravel, It’s also more comfortable to hold and work with than a standard trowel.

The only sure ways I know to keep gravel weed-free is to dig the weeds out by hand or to treat the area with Glyphosate weed killer. I have described both of the weed control methods I use in this article.

Glyphosate kills the whole plant including the roots.

I especially recommend this trowel for people with less natural gripping strength, and for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, see my article here about gardening with a disability .

for cottage landscaping click on the picture

Weeds growing through stones

If you are already finding weeds growing out of your gravel or slate surface, your surface may have some vulnerabilities (preventing these vulnerabilities will come later). Don’t panic, though – there are a number of easy and very affordable ways to rid your surface of weeds.

Are weeds a big problem with slate and gravel gardens?

Gravel and slate surfaces are a popular component for any garden and, when applied and maintained correctly, result in a beautiful, versatile and low-maintenance solution. The popularity of these surfaces continues to grow thanks to the host of benefits it provides.

What are the main benefits of Slate & Gravel surfaces?

Avoid simply scattering salt over a whole area you wish to clear out; this can easily damage surrounding vegetation and soil for a long time. Dry salt can also be redistributed by wind or rain.