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weeds growing through wall

Weeds growing through wall

If you are reluctant to use chemicals or other methods that might damage nearby grasses or other plants, most weeds can be removed by hand. To effectively remove weeds so that they won’t come back, the entire plant must be removed. Grab the weed at the lowest point, nearest the surface of the brick. Pull straight up to remove the entire weed, including the roots. Removing the roots is the only way to ensure that the unwanted weeds won’t come back.

Weeds can pop up almost anywhere. They are invasive and require only a tiny crack to grow in between bricks. Weeds in your brick patio or walkway can be unsightly and unwanted. Fortunately, there are several methods for removing them once and for all.

One way of removing stubborn weeds from bricks is to pull them using mechanical tools, such as a crack scraper. Most home-improvement stores carry scrapers that contain long, L-shaped blades that reach into the cracks between bricks where the stem of the weed grows. By scraping along the edge of the brick, you can cut out most of the weed. One potential downfall of this method is that the roots often remain underground and may emerge again as weeds.

Chemical herbicides are great for removing individual weeds within bricks, but it’s important to understand whether the herbicide will kill just the weeds or other plants as well. Herbicides that contain fusilade will kill grassy weeds without harming broadleaf plants near the bricks. Systemic herbicides, on the other hand, will kill anything they land on. These types of herbicides contain glyphosate. Carefully consult the label and instructions on the herbicide packaging to see whether it will attack only the weeds or also your lawn. Either way, herbicides should be applied only at the base of the weeds. Only apply as much of the product as the label calls for.

Mechanical Removal

A natural solution to killing pesky weeds in bricks is to use regular table salt. Mix about one part salt to two parts water on a hot stove until the solution boils. While the solution is still warm, pour it directly on the bricks where the weeds appear. Be careful not to apply the solution to grassy or other areas that you don’t want to kill, as the salt will kill off just about any plants. Dry salt can also be placed directly on weeds, but you will need to add small amounts of water to dissolve the salt into the cracks.

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Weeds growing through wall

Is this something I can take care of, or will I need to call the landlord in to remove the cabinets?

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It rather depends what the ‘vine’ is as to how easy to deal with it might be, so a photo of it would be useful. Hopefully it’s not Japanese Knotweed, which will punch right through solid concrete and grow in your lounge, if its beneath, but that would be the landlord’s issue, not yours, though if it is that, your fiancee should move as soon as possible before a forest develops inside the home, as there is no easy effective treatment. Otherwise, some type of bindweed, or possibly Russian Vine, but that can only grow inside if it manages to find a crack or hole to get through, again from outside or underneath the building, and is somewhat easier to deal with. Again, the landlord is responsible for sorting it out.