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weeds that grow in hay fields

Weeds that grow in hay fields

With the help of Penn State Extension, Cornell Cooperative Extension and University of Vermont Extension, American Agriculturist has accumulated a list of some of the most toxic weeds and plants that might be growing in your pastures right now.

Do you know what toxic weeds might be lurking in your hay or pastures? Scouting is the No. 1 way of figuring out what’s growing, but you should know what you’re looking at.

These bad weeds are often unpalatable to livestock, but when it’s hot and dry, and pastures are either overgrazed or looking bare, animals won’t hesitate to at least have a look and maybe take a bite or two.

Juan Campá, MGAP,

Click through the slideshow to get a look at the top nine potentially toxic weeds in hay and pasture, along with recommendations on control.

Weeds that grow in hay fields

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