What Are Patient Cultivators?

What Are Patient Cultivators?

In states that have a medical marijuana system, cannabis is produced by patient cultivators or their designated caregivers and it’s primarily distributed collectively to nonprofit marijuana collectives. Collectives are allowed to reimburse their members for the costs of cultivating marijuana medicine, which seems to have created quite a fast growing industry of patient cultivators.

However very few cities and counties license and regulate marijuana cultivation and most medical marijuana comes from small patient based cultivation rooms. By contrast, in Amsterdam, medical marijuana is produced in 120 pound yields; as such, each batch can be tested one massive load at a time, for potency and contamination.

In California most medical marijuana is generally produced in about 1 pound increments,CBD Cannabinoid necessitating a complex and costly, multi evaluation system for each time a crop is harvested. That is further complicated by the federal ban on scientific research and testing of marijuana, and cannabis products, thereby leaving a huge vacuum of scientific information and methodology. Marijuana collectives, in addition to serving its members, have to develop a reliable set of quality control methods in order to secure their patients safety.

SCLabs , located in Santa Cruz California, is an industry leader after having created a valid methodology for rating marijuana safety, cannabinoid percentages, and potency, all while screening for contaminants in the medical marijuana enjoyed on the shelves in California.

SC Laboratories is one of the first independent analytical institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, testing and certification. Our goal is to encourage the cannabis industry to demand the highest level of safety management and contaminant control practices available.

Cannabis safety and oversight concerns are central quality control issues for the medicalSCLab Results Marijuana THC% CBD Cannabinoids cannabis industry. It is the goal of SC Laboratories to assist in the development of and monitor the adherence to a set of safety and quality standards for medical cannabis. It is our belief that by proving that medical cannabis can be produced and handled in a safe and sustainable manner, we can provide greater value and safety assurances to patients and consumers. Many cultivators, distributors, and patients have made significant strides to assure both the quality and safety of their product, however, more can be done.

SC labs has consistently helped the medical marijuana industry increase the quality of the product they provide for their patients, by testing for the varying levels of cannabinoid content in the medicine, as well as for mold, powdery mildew and other contaminants. After testing thousands and thousands of different cannabis indica and sative samples for cannabinoids, it was noted that many of the THC findings rang from the low single-digits to as high as 30%.

As medical marijuana becomes legal in state after state across this great country, communities must learn to effectively manage the safety issues regarding medical marijuana for their patient members. This will inspire future regulation and assure safety for all within the community now.