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what does marijuana smell like when growing

What does marijuana smell like when growing

But when growing weed, do the plants start smelling? And how much?

The answer is that each individual strain and plant is different. But here’s what to keep in mind:

Short Answer: The smell starts at 3-6 weeks old (depending on strain) even in the vegetative stage. But the smell gets much worse after plants start flowering/making buds.

At what age do cannabis plants start to smell?

What does marijuana smell like when growing

Activity Not all farms are inhabited by the grower so watch out for signs that there is no one actually living there: unkempt front gardens, or if your neighbour never leaves out any bin bags on collection day.

The latest Independent Drug Monitoring Unit report suggests there are now as many as half a million people growing cannabis in the UK, which equates to roughly one on every street. So how can you spot the cannabis farm next door to you?

But you may not be the only person trying to spot a cannabis farm on your street. The sinister side to these booming businesses is that they have become lucrative targets for harder and more violent criminals looking to rob them. These people are constantly on the look out for farms within our communities, which in turn exposes the rest of us to potential violence. What’s the solution? The dealers and criminals I spoke with all said that legalisation would put them out of business.

Light Growers can’t get away from the fact that internal farming requires a lot of it: 2,000 watts running 12 hours a day in a small bedroom looks a lot like the sun, so look out for windows that are constantly blacked out to cover that up. Cannabis farms in spare rooms will have the tell-tale sign of curtains that never open.

Conor Woodman’s film Exposure: Britain’s Booming Cannabis Business is on ITV on 16 October at 11.05pm

Good neighbourliness If the grower is in residence then it can go the opposite way. Perhaps the most surprising tell for having a grower next door might be their over-the-top neighbourliness as they overcompensate in their efforts not to annoy you or make you suspicious as to what they’re up to. As one grower told me: “I’m the nicest, most law-abiding citizen on my street, because the last thing I ever want is to give someone a reason to want to call the police to complain about me.”

Heat Those lights also give off a lot of heat, so the old theory was that the house growing cannabis in the loft would be the one with no snow on the roof in winter. But nowadays growers use internal tents, that isolate a lot of the heat. This makes farms harder for police to spot using their infra-red cameras.

“We see time and time again where municipalities get stuck in a bit of a box where they legalized, they want to move forward and they think they have good plans in place,” Rembusch said. “But they don’t look at geographical areas . There’s this perception that if you just put some quote-unquote carbon scrubbers and that odor will go away.”

The thiol component is also used to give natural gas its detectable “rotten egg” smell and is what causes a bottle of beer left in the sun to have a skunky smell, Koziel said.

So, what exactly causes marijuana’s ‘skuny’ smell?

Those states that legalized it have faced some growing pains when it comes to odor. Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, was unprepared for the strong stench of agricultural production, Byers Senior Project Manager Emily Long said.

The compound researchers positively identified, 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, or 321MBT, is believed to cause the skunky smell associated with marijuana. A thiol contains sulfur, which gives it its unique smell. The identified compound is one of roughly 400 found in marijuana, over 60 of which are cannabinoids and cause drug-like effects when consumed.

Aside from mitigation, Long and Rembusch said identification of this compound makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of odor mitigation. If a parent is concerned a marijuana operation opened up down the road, Long said they may be complaining before there even is a smell.