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what equipment do you need to grow weed indoors

Good soil for cannabis relies on a healthy population of mycorrhizae and soil bacteria to facilitate the conversion of organic matter into nutrients that a plant can use. Alternately, you can use a regular soil mix and then supplement your plants with liquid nutrients.

Fans are a must in a grow space to move air around, so buy some of those before an AC unit. If you find that fans aren’t bringing down the temperature enough, then you may want to invest in an AC.

Cannabis, like all plants, prefers certain environmental conditions in order to thrive. Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and airflow are all factors that will need to be monitored and regulated in order to keep cannabis healthy through its different phases.

Finding the right soil for cannabis

It’s also a good idea to have oscillating fans to provide a constant breeze in your grow room as it will strengthen your plants’ stems, making them stronger and healthier.

If you’re growing in a cold, wet basement, you might have to run a dehumidifier or heater to stabilize the environment. Conversely, if your space is too hot, you might need to add extra fans or an AC to cool the plants down.


Terra cotta pots offer a unique set of benefits to growers in hot climates.

You can make this yourself by combining worm castings, bat guano, and other components with a good soil and letting it sit for a few weeks, or it can be purchased pre-made from a local nursery or grow shop.

What equipment do you need to grow weed indoors

During cloning and vegging, marijuana likes a temperature between 70 and 85°F (20 to 30°C). The ideal relative humidity is 70% during cloning and 40 to 60% during vegging.

If the mineral content is high, use nutrients that are made for hard water. If the water contains chlorine, you’ll have to let it sit for 24 hours before using it, to evaporate all the chlorine.

If your humidity is too low, you will need a humidifier. If it is too high, you will need a dehumidifier. If the temperature is too low, you will need a heater (or more light, which also gives off heat). If it is too high, you will need air conditioning.

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Environmental Control

Here is a brief checklist of the items you must have and the ones you could do without, but should consider getting, since they will make things much easier. The links take you below to the appropriate section in this article.

Your marijuana plants like a certain temperature and humidity.

But you could go larger or smaller, depending on whether you prefer to grow many smaller plants or fewer (or even just one) larger one. The size of the plants determines how many plants you can fit in a X by X grow tent.


You space will need access to power and ventilation, and the walls will ideally be covered in Mylar or some other reflective material.

There’s really not much difference between the brands, to be honest. They’re all made in the same couple of factories anyway.

What equipment do you need to grow weed indoors

You need a constant stream of fresh air in your grow room. This will prevent stale air from accumulating, prevent stunted growth, strengthen your branches, and help with your temperature/humidity control.

For your packaging, having a mobile or stationary security cart and shipping packaging benches can help. Warehouse1 can help you choose carts that are best for your space.

If you get a grow tent, be sure it will fit in your home space. Get one that's high quality, non-toxic, and leak proof.

Temperature and Humidity Controls

Industrial grow rooms need a lot of supplies and equipment. Typically, larger operations are found in big, steel buildings with support sections and have many different rooms for different stages of growing.

We can help you determine the best high density storage solutions that will maximize your space. We carry high-rise perimeter shelving and mobile high density storage systems so you can determine shelf location based on carton sizes. This will minimize the dead space in each area of your operation.

High Density Storage Systems

Mobile aisle shelving is good for grow rooms as well, as it increases your storage space by 50%. With this system, aisles are opened for item access one at a time. Just turn the handle at the end of each row to open up the aisle and grab what you need off the shelves.

Industrial grow houses can support hundreds of plants on automated racks and trays as they advance in size. Industrial grow rooms also require a lot of upkeep. Warehouse1 can help provide equipment and a space-saving design for your commercial grow room.