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white papaya seeds

White papaya seeds

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Alternative names:

In Thai, the papaya is called Malakor. 23,24

Since green papayas contain high concentrations of latex, contact with the eyes should be avoided during processing. Otherwise, severe irritation may occur. In the case of a latex allergy, the latex contained in papayas can cause cross-reactivity. Some people are also allergic to the pollen, papain, or other enzymes in papayas. 8

The unripe fruit is not only known to be a contraceptive, but is also used in some regions to induce abortion. For this reason, indigenous peoples have also used high doses as abortifacients.

Cultivation — harvest:

Extracts from papaya leaves help against symptoms of dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes found in the growing regions. 7

There are also hermaphroditic varieties, that is, those with both sexes on one plant. These hermaphrodites produce somewhat smaller fruits by self-pollination, which are very suitable for economic consumption because of the high number of papayas produced. However, given the heterozygous genetic material (diploid chromosome sets), the hermaphrodite’s hermaphrodite flower can “turn over” in the course of its life. This means that an occasional “reversal of sex” can occur in hermaphroditic heterozygous flowers (Mm and MHm). Exceptions are those with two purely female alleles (mm; M= male, MH= hermaphrodite, m= female). 2

It is hard, white and much larger than a seed.

Q. What is the white mass i found inside my papaya fruit?

Unlike the male papaya flowers, the female and hermaphroditic papaya flowers are not particularly showy, but they have an ovule that can grow into a large fruit filled with seeds that are capable of creating new plants.


The papaya plant is dioecious, which means that some trees are male, some are female, and in the papaya’s case, some others are hermaphroditic. Only the females and the hermaphrodites can bear fruit. The reproductive process in many plants is subject to unusual events.

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