White Rhino Seeds

White Rhino Seeds
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White Rhino Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

White Rhino Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

White Rhino is actually a highly effective F1 hybrid of White Widow as well as a curiously durable North American indica stress. White Rhino could have healing petitions because of its elevated T.H.C. subject matter. The preference of this smoke is actually hashy and a little bit harsh, a good bong smoke. The American daddy of the Rhino is more indica as opposed to White Widow dad, developing a denser and to some degree reduced tree. The buzz is stoney as well as comes on hard.

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  1. BC Albino Rhino serves as a tough plant which will reward the grower with superior yields of resinous, sticky buds rapidly. The light green hue mostly indica features a cerebral / physical effect plus an Aniseed taste. Generally known as White Rhino, this simple to grow strain is quite popular and potent.

  2. The heritage is assorted, which includes strains from Vietnam, Nepal, India, Lebanon and possibly Hawaii. 40% sativa, 60% indica and also is related to the 95′ Cannabis Cup winner White Widow.

  3. White Rhino is an exotic strain with genes from all over the world: Afghanistan, Brazil, India. It is reputed for its medicinal properties and good yield. White Rhino has a sweet and fruity smell and a taste which is very intense, sweet and floral. White Rhino produces a narcotic, very stoned effect.

  4. Awards: 2nd place Bio High Times Cannabis Cup 1996. 2nd place Champions Cup 2005. Brazilian, Afghan and South Indian very renowned due to its medicinal qualities, powerful sedative effect. Just about narcotic. Indoor 9 weeks will ensure rock-hard tops and additional sweet taste having a yield as much as 900 gr/sqm. Outdoor ready at the start of October in the Upper hemisphere and in April in the lower one. Massive yield up to 1200 gr/plant.

  5. Blue Rhino is the outcome of careful selection among numerous plants from a classical breeding procedure that makes positive that simply one of the most powerful and exquisite hybrids more knowledgeable growers were demanding. Within the Blue genetics initial female was chosen British Columbians because of their organoleptic properties which provide a distinct taste and smell reminiscent among blueberry and currant. Concerning the genetic Rhino, recognized for its medicinal, nearly narcotic, given its high-content in CBD contain the perfect plant hybridization b/w Afghan, Brazilian and Indian. Blue Rhino assumes the majority of the qualities Blue, as well as in advanced stages of flowering has shades from blue to magenta. These plants were looking the everyday, having a huge central bud. There’s a tremendous issue due to the element of identify and develop small quantities of foliage and leaves, although large. Minimal internodal distance and thick branches successfully bear the load of huge flower clusters. Rhino varieties are incredibly distinct from the Blue, producing results in the fusion of scents of the more pure, in short, an aroma that integrates by far the most delicious berries, like currant and blueberry. A unique plant. The merging of these two varieties generates a unique flavor which includes woods, berries and spices, undoubtedly one of many new flavors which will surprise you. Fiercely medicinal, soothing and calming regarding their high content in CBD. Suitable for recreational use leisure time utilized for chill-out environments.

  6. Lost Coast OG Marijuana Seeds presented by Emerald Triangle Seedbank; this bank came back old school and back in history to resource and refresh some extremely serious genes. Taking plants that hark of the 70’s Emerald Triangle have utilized new genetic material and coupled them up to generate strains that ought to cause you to be awe struck. These first-rate Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, also offered as feminized seeds, these common seeds are literally gaining interest amongst connoisseurs, this assures Emerald Triangle Seeds will end up being in strong demand.

  7. Misty is a brief as well as stocky plant. The lime greenish bubble like leaves are solid and massive like salad. Buds are actually dense as well as covered having THC glands extending to the shade leaves. Though Misty shares genes by having white Widow, it completes earlier and manufactures tighter buds with a higher yield. Misty delivers off a highly effective musky scent, some express it is actually like old sweat. Unlike it is nearby offensive aroma, misty smokes pleasing and leaves a glucose after preference in the mouth.

  8. Vertigo is among our latest varieties. It comes from a great Indica/Sativa hybrid, that is selected for its outstanding characteristics, its fruity intense taste, and fast to end growing. 3 generations of breeding led to stable homogeneous plants. The flowers are blanketed in resin in addition to being potent as autoflowering strains might get. Autoflowering potential just has been uncovered several years back, however until now hasn’t been produced to its full. With Vertigo we presume we showcase that it’s possible to possess very good quality medicinal marijuana within an automatic variety. These plants can achieve the height of 1m or higher. It possesses an intense effect. An outstanding output of resinous citric fruity fragrant flowers. A fast to finish number, in about 60 days perfect for commercial growers.

  9. Rich flavours in conjunction with an exceptionally strong high made the Amazing Haze an instantaneous success in the Homegrown Fantasy after her first launch through the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. A tremendous union between our tasty Caramella strain and the celebrated Amnesia Haze which will definitely impress you. The Amazing Haze is a true gourmand strain.

  10. Sensi Star is an excellent indoor plant, making effective, resinous, and very compact buds. Despite the fact that largely indica, she preserves a sophisticated high that warps both body and soul. Introduced in 95′ by way of Paradise, this strain’s stableness was enhanced in 1997 to provide a powerful plant with substantial fan leaves and nice thick buds. Sensi Star performs well in a sea of green set-up having 20 plants for each square meter potted close all together. It’s best to permit them vegetate just for 2 weeks previous to getting into the 12/12 light cycle. In case the tough side branching is permitted to remain and flower, she requires a bit of extra space. Hydroponic and soil techniques are equally ideal. Prospects for gardening this kind of plant outdoors are wonderful in temperate zones, where she will definitely reach roughly 6 feet (2 meters) and generate an median of 400 grams in an effective season. This headstrong indica generates rock hard colas that have a lemony taste and scent. Some smokers uncover the buzz to be a remarkably heavy-duty body stone, while additional report a high with more energetic cerebral properties in addition to a body sensation. THC levels are reported at 20 percent for this variety, ensuring it a one-hitter quitter. CBD has been actually measured at.9 percent.

  11. Sharkbite is a excellent new ‘white’ strain we have created by crossing great white shark with our autoflowering line. Sharkbite keeps the powerful stone and tangy odour of its great white shark parent and puts on tons of white crystals during flowering. This fully stabilised auto strain does not get too big so is perfect for small spaces or guerilla grows.