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white rhino weed grow

White rhino weed grow

Climate: Keep between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. White Rhino does best in a well-controlled environment with consistent day and nighttime temperatures.

Strain overview: White Rhino is prized as a medicinal strain thanks to its heavy body high that helps wipe out aches and pains. It was developed by Green House Seeds, who crossed landrace strains from Afghanistan, Brazil, and South India. When grown properly, it will produce large yields of resinous, pine-scented buds.

Grow techniques: A hydroponic setup can result in a stronger, bushier shape with less spacing between the nodes than with outdoor growing. It’s perfect for an indoor SOG (sea of green) setup where space is limited.

Yield: High

Indoor/outdoor: Indoor growing produces the best yields, but White Rhino also grows well outdoors.

Flowering time: 9 weeks

Grow difficulty: Moderate

Feeding: Heavy feeding helps the plant develop its full bushy shape. Use nitrogen-focused nutrients white the plant is vegging.

White rhino weed grow

The name, growth pattern and effects all point to White Widow parentage and an unnamed Indica as White Rhino is around 80% Indica.

Effects & Characteristics

Instead of growing in the classic Indica, “Christmas tree”, its top comes to resemble a rhino’s horn, hence its name. White Rhino is a very robust and forgiving, it is fairly tolerant of moisture and has good resistance to both mould and variations in temperature. It is reassuring to know that, if, for some reason, something goes wrong with your best-laid plans, you’re unlikely to see your entire harvest decimated as a result.

Grow information

In other words, White Rhino ticks about every box for a strain to use in the evening or at night time. As always, if you’re going to use White Rhino in bed, please keep safety in mind and either be very careful to put out your joint completely before you go to sleep or use a vaporizer.

White Rhino strain is an Indica improved version of White Widow that has been crossed with some unknown strain from North America. The breeders wanted to keep the original genetics and improve the yield at the same time. Also, the name White Rhino comes from the appearance of plants that are covered in crystals (thanks to WW genetics) and the powerful high that can be compared to the rhino’s kick. The THC content of the White Rhino strain ranges from 19-23%.

Flavors and Scents

In rare cases and often in cases when less experienced users take it, this weed can produce dizziness, paranoia or numbness. Therefore, use it with caution as it is a highly potent cannabis strain.

Common Effects

White Rhino weed strain is an Indica dominant hybrid, and therefore the effects are powerful and even overwhelming to some less experienced users. The full effects and potency step in after some 10 minutes and you will be: